If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to make your bathroom feel new again, look no further. N-Hance offers cabinet refinishing, painting, and even refacing to ensure you get the look you want from your remodel without breaking the bank. 

Bathroom vanities are some of the most abused places in the home. Toothpaste residue, water damage, and cracked wood are some damages that can occur to your vanity. We can repair and refinish them. Refinishing your bathroom vanity can help bring new life to your previously dreary bathroom space. N-Hance provides a wide range of services to update your bathroom cabinets and drawers.

Cabinet Door Replacement: 

  • Keep Your Existing Cabinets While Upgrading The Exterior With New, Custom Doors/Drawer Fronts.

Superior Cabinet Painting: 

  • Our stunning finishes are superior to typical painting processes, leaving no drips, no brush strokes, and a rock-hard finish that won’t peel or chip like regular paint.

Cabinet Color Change: 

  • Updating the color of your cabinets involves restaining and refinishing your cabinets in a new tint, tone, or shade.

Cabinet Refinishing: 

  • Restore your wood cabinets to like-new condition with a lustrous, factory-like finish.

Your bathroom should look as fresh as you do every day. If you are looking to give new life to your bathroom, give us a call or fill out our contact form.