Soaring material costs and endless remodels got you feeling stuck? Here’s a breath of fresh air: cabinet refacing with N-Hance of Tacoma! Ditch the demolition drama and skyrocketing price tags. We’ll give your kitchen a stunning makeover in days, not weeks, and save you thousands compared to replacement.

Time & Money? Refacing Wins Every Round

Imagine keeping your existing cabinets while upgrading just the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. Dramatic transformation, minimal disruption. No weeks-long demo and installation headaches, just a fast, budget-friendly facelift.

Forget Cheap Veneers, Embrace Quality

We don’t mess with flimsy laminates. N-Hance refacing means custom-made doors and drawer fronts from real wood, painted to match your existing boxes. It’s an investment that lasts, not a temporary fix that chips and traps moisture.

Unleash Your Design Diva

From classic Shaker to modern sleek, we’ve got styles and finishes to fuel your kitchen dreams. Oak, maple, cherry? Done! Flat fronts, glass panels, custom molding? Your wish is our command.

The Price Point Breakdown:

  • Kitchen Size: Naturally, a larger space means more cabinets, but refacing still saves you thousands compared to replacement!
  • Material Magic: Wood type, door style, and paint/stain choices influence the cost. Simple fronts are budget-friendly, while intricate designs add a touch of luxury.
  • Upgrade Frenzy: New hardware, pull-out drawers, and special finishing techniques like glazing or antiquing personalize your space and boost value, but add to the final price.

Beyond the Budget:

  • Eco-Warrior: Refacing uses less wood and reduces waste, making it a greener choice for our planet.
  • Speed Demon: No more construction zone blues! N-Hance’s refacing magic happens in days, minimizing disruption to your life.
  • Durability You Can Trust: Our Lightspeed® UV technology instantly cures paint, creating a rock-hard finish that withstands the busiest kitchens.

Ready to Trade Tired Cabinets for a Tacoma Kitchen You Love?

Call 253-474-9663 for a free consultation and discover how N-Hance can reface your cabinets, not your wallet!