When searching for local cabinet painters, the results can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to understand which one is right and who you should trust with your cabinets. Fortunately, N-Hance of Tacoma stands apart from others due to its impressive advantages:

Advantage #1: We Prep More Thoroughly

Grease, grime, and dirt can accumulate on kitchen cabinets, making it hard for paint to adhere. Sadly, many cabinet painters overlook the necessity of cleaning these surfaces completely prior to painting; failing to do so could lead to chipping or peeling shortly afterward. Don’t let carelessness result in costly repairs – make sure your painter takes the time necessary for a thorough clean before they begin their work!

Here at N-Hance of Tacoma, we are proud to offer you a specialized and exclusive solution for cleaning your cabinets! Our innovative formula quickly eliminates any contaminants that may prevent ideal paint adhesion for the best results.

Advantage #2: We Prime with a Product that Blocks Stains

Unlike ordinary wall primer, our cabinet primer is tailored to resist stains and block seepage, as cabinets experience more wear and tear than walls. Our solution ensures that your cabinets remain in incredible condition for years to come!

Advantage #3: We Can Help You Pick the Best Color

Uncertain about which color to pick? We can guide you through this tricky decision-making process. Our expertise extends from the dazzling whites, edgy blacks, and everywhere in between – we know all the pros and cons!

At N-Hance of Tacoma, you have the choice of 12 unique shades from our own palette to select for your painted cabinets or even a one-of-a-kind shade that we can custom-match based on any sample you provide us. Our mission is to make sure that each cabinet in your home leaves with a look and color which will bring smiles for years to come!

Advantage #4: We Use Special Paint Designed for Cabinets

When it comes to painting around the house, latex paint is a great choice for walls. But if you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, latex won’t stand up in the long run. In time, chipping and peeling will occur – not ideal when considering potential scratches or water damage from day-to-day use.

At N-Hance of Tacoma, we have crafted a unique polyurethane blend paint specifically made for cabinet use. Its sleeker consistency not only provides an incredibly smooth finish but also adds to its durability.

Advantage #5: We Deliver a Smooth Finish

When it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets, most painters will use brushes and rollers which can result in an array of imperfections such as brush strokes or drip marks. This application technique does not produce the completely polished finish that you desire for your kitchen. You’ll be left with a slightly off-putting look every time you walk into the room – something that won’t give you peace of mind!

Instead of relying on traditional methods, we at N-Hance of Tacoma use a technique similar to the one factories use for painting cabinets. This ensures that your cabinets look like new! Our procedure guarantees an even and smooth finish with no brushstrokes – rendering utterly flawless results every single time.

Advantage #6: We Cure Your Cabinets Instantly

After we’ve painted your cabinets, a clear top coat will be applied and immediately cured with our Lightspeed® Nano UV system. As a result of this process, you’ll get an impenetrable finish that is sure to withstand the test of time!

With Lightspeed technology, you won’t experience the same long drying times as with a standard paint job. Your cabinets will be cured within mere seconds and installed for your inspection – no waiting around for days! Plus, since UV light is commonly used in industrial finishes, N-Hance of Tacoma offers this perk to their customers from the comfort of their own homes.

In stark contrast, when you hire local cabinet painters, your cabinets may give the appearance of having been freshly painted. However, upon closer inspection, you will likely notice a lack of attention to detail and durability that our unique process can provide. Unlike traditional painting techniques, we guarantee long-lasting results so your cabinets look new for years to come!

Searching for a professional cabinet painter? Look no further! N-Hance of Tacoma offers premier services to suit any of your needs. Contact us at (253) 333-4045 today and get the process started on upgrading your cabinets. You won’t be disappointed with the results!