Are you searching for a budget-friendly way to upgrade and refresh your kitchen cabinets? Cabinet refacing is an affordable option that can help give your space a brand-new look. However, it’s essential when selecting a contractor that they don’t utilize veneers – here’s why!

What are Veneers?

Let’s begin by understanding what veneers are. They can be comprised of either thin layers of wood or thermofoil plastic – also called melamine – that stick to particle boards, ultimately forming a cover for the cabinetry in your home. In other words, these materials come together to create an extremely thin exterior for your cupboards and drawers.

The Problem with Veneers

When considering cabinet refacing, veneers may be more cost-effective; however, they can chip easily around corners and are not as strong. With N-Hance®, you get the best of both worlds: a stunning finish that is also built to last! Our process results in hardwood doors and drawer faces created for longevity even with regular use.

Cabinet refacing with veneers comes with quite a few drawbacks. Since they are thin coatings applied to the surface, it is possible, and common, for moisture to seep into your cabinetry and cause bubbling, warping, or chipping – all of which can damage both its appearance as well as longevity. If you choose this method of cabinet remodeling, make sure you’re willing and able to cover any repair costs that may arise in the future due to their fragile nature. Furthermore, fluctuations in temperatures and exposure to hot water or grease could potentially result in them cracking over time too!

In the long run, veneers are easily broken down and worn out. As these products are composed of cheap wood chips that have been glued together, they become porous and prone to cracking, droopiness, warping, or rippling with time. Even if you opt for plywood instead of particle board in your cabinets – moisture can still be a threat! Hardwood is clearly more durable than other materials providing excellent resistance against wear and tear over many years.

Tempted by the Cost of Veneers?

Don’t be! If you are aiming for stunning results, veneers may seem like the more cost-efficient route. However, if there’s a lot of foot traffic in an area such as your kitchen, veneers quickly become worn down and ultimately look worse than they did before! That’s why N-Hance of Tacoma – experts in refacing cabinets without using veneers – only use hardwood when crafting new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. As it goes: “you get what you pay for” — this proverb especially holds true with regard to refacing cupboards.

Ready for a Better Choice?

When you opt for N-Hance to give your kitchen cabinetry a facelift, you have the luxury of selecting from an array of colors and styles in solid hardwood. Additionally, our exclusive Lightspeed® Nano system is used to reinforce each cabinet’s structure making them incredibly durable with smooth surfaces that will not crack or peel under any condition; no matter how frequently they are put into use!

With N-Hance of Tacoma, you can choose from a myriad of custom fixtures and hardware to meet all your cabinetry needs. Our soft-close drawer glides and knobs/pulls are just the beginning; we also offer glass cabinets, crown molding, wine racks, shelves – even dovetail drawer boxes! Plus with our professional refacing specialists on hand to transform your cupboards into something entirely new, there’s no limit to what kind of stylish kitchen makeover you can achieve.

N-Hance’s cabinet refacing team can give you the look you want without spending a fortune. Schedule a free consultation with N-Hance of Tacoma by calling 253-333-4045 today!