Granite Countertop Refinishing in Tulsa

Granite countertops are highly durable, resistant to heat, and bring the beauty of natural stone into your kitchen. But over time, granite loses its original luster. And if your counters aren’t re-sealed on a regular basis, stains can seep into the stone. The solution? Granite countertop refinishing from N-Hance® of Tulsa.

Our granite countertop refinishing service is the perfect choice for maintaining granite countertops. We clean stubborn build-up and neutralize countertop bacteria. We re-seal counters to prevent unsightly stains. And we re-polish your countertops to restore their original shine.

Why Your Granite Countertops Need Refinishing

Granite is a naturally resilient material, making it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops. However, granite still needs routine care and maintenance to maintain its appearance and integrity.

Even if you clean your countertops every day, they will gradually lose their shine. This is typically due to mineral deposits from hard water and dirt, which create a thin layer of build-up on the countertops’ surface. Without refinishing, these deposits can rob your counters of their shine.

Your countertops will also need regular re-sealing to prevent the stone from staining. Granite is porous, so if it isn’t properly sealed, liquids can seep into the stone. This can result in unsightly stains from substances like red wine and grape juice, permanently marring the look of your countertops.

Even if you chose factory-sealed countertops or ten-year granite, the sealant will gradually wear down. Our refinishing service will restore the sealant layer, protecting the granite from discoloration.

Choose N-Hance for Granite Countertop Refinishing in Tulsa, OK!

N-Hance of Tulsa offers everything you need in a granite countertop refinishing service. Our process involves thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your countertops, sealing them to protect against stains, then applying granite polish to restore their original shine.

Our granite countertop renewal services also include a number of features popular with homeowners.

  • All of the products we use for granite refinishing are green-certified, making them eco-friendly and family safe.
  • We thoroughly clean and sanitize countertops before resealing, which reduces bacteria by 98.4%!
  • Our granite countertop refinishing service can be combined with cabinet or floor refinishing to transform the look of your kitchen.

N-Hance of Tulsa offers refinishing of granite countertops throughout the Tulsa metro area, including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, and surrounding areas.

Get a FREE estimate for granite countertop refinishing in Tulsa, OK by calling us today at (918) 645-3068!

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