Time to Update that Bathroom

Transforming your bathroom, whether it be your master or guest, can be a fun remodel that will bring new charm into your home. However, it is so easy task.
We’ve compiled some tips to help you get through the four main steps to planning a DIY bathroom remodel.

1. Determine your budget.

When remodeling a room or area of your home, you would be surprised about the variety of customization you can make to it. Paint, flooring, cabinet, knobs and handles, and lighting are only some of the items you can customize. Whether you plan to do the hard labor on your own or hire a contractor, you’ll need to determine the budget.
Reusing, improving or modifying old fixtures can save you money. Finding things to repurpose is a good way to save on extra cost and overspending. Set goals and make plans with the idea that everything will probably end up being a little bit more expensive than you planned.

2. Choose your style.

While doing your researching, find a look or style you would like to achieve in your remodel. Be sure to have your budget in mind while choosing your look, being sure that it can handle the material and work that will need to be done. Decide on colors that fit a theme. Consider how your design will affect future home value.
When it comes to the cabinets (maybe the most important part), N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Jacksonville is there to help you match your dream style with your realistic budget. Choosing N-Hance may actually save you money, giving you more room to spurge on other aspects of the remodel. Check out our gallery of cabinet renewals to see some of the possibilities and have us come out to take a look at your cabinets.

3. Do your research.

Connect with you friends and family and find out what the best local deals for the materials you’ll be needing. You may often times get lucky and find what you need at a garage or yard sell. Some local stores will work with you on your DIY projects and offer you the best deal available. Doing adequate research BEFORE beginning the project will help you to not become rushed or overwhelmed.
As you consider new bathroom cabinetry, remember that N-Hance Custom Color Change costs 1/3rd the price of refacing and is 1/5th the cost of replacing your cabinets. Save that money and stretch your remodeling dollars! Also, check out the other customizable option including glazed cottage-style look, an antiqued and worn look, burnished and distressed, and a vintage style that reveals the wood grain.

4. Ready, Set, Start Your Remodel!

Right before you start the remodel, plan out what you need to do to alter the space while the bathroom is out of commission. When it’s time to start the project, be sure stick to you predesignate plan the best you can. This could save you on unexpected costs. Talk to N-Hance about what order you should complete things in your bathroom. We’ll help you schedule it all out.
When you have your brand new bathroom look courtesy of the experts at N-Hance, feel free to share your experience like others did!