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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing Service

N-Hance wood refinishing services can give new life to your cabinets, renewing their natural beauty or updating them with a more modern look. Refresh your current finish, go for a deeper color, or change the look of your cabinets completely. We offer a gorgeous, factory-style finish that’s designed to withstand years of wear and tear. Click below to learn more about our cabinet refinishing services.

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Door Replacement and Refacing

Door Replacement and Refacing

Door Replacement and Refacing

N-Hance has multiple options for wood selection, design, finish, color and tone. You can completely replace your cabinet fronts with a new design and finish or reface your existing cabinet fronts.

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Commercial Wood Refinishing Services

Commercial Services

Commercial Wood Refinishing

N-Hance refinishing services come with minimal downtime, limiting disruption to your business. Companies across North America have chosen N-Hance Wood Refinishing to revive hardwood surfaces, including floors, cabinets, furniture, and trim. Click below to learn why N-Hance is the ideal commercial wood refinishing service.

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Special Statement Regarding Covid-19 Precautions

We are open for business and are maintaining our high standards of delivering beautiful, durable kitchen cabinets. However, we know these are uncertain times. There is nothing more important than your safety and the safety of our staff. Our technicians are following all of the guidelines set by the CDC and WHO for your protection and we are asking team members to take proper measures to minimize the potential of risk including staying home if/when they feel ill and until they recover completely. While in your home, our technicians have been instructed to wear gloves, maintain safe distances from customers, section off the kitchen upon arrival, and sanitize* work areas. We believe adhering to these precautions will enable our team to continue to deliver N-Hance services in a responsible and healthy way.

*These sanitizers have not yet been tested against the novel coronavirus COVID 19

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N-Hance Plants Trees & Saves Trees for Every Kitchen We Refinish

  • Choosing cabinet replacement is expensive, depletes the world’s forests, and unnecessarily adds to landfills.
  • By refinishing your cabinets instead of replacing them, you conserve trees and help preserve fragile ecosystems. You also help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that go into lumber production and cabinet manufacturing.

Partnership With American Forests

  • We are thrilled about the partnership we have developed with American Forests—the oldest national conservation organization in the United States.
  • N-Hance will plant one new tree for every kitchen we refinish.
  • N-Hance of Jacksonville strives to protect wildlife, fight climate change, and improve air and water quality by restoring forests throughout the United States.

What is N-Hance?

Why choose N-Hance of Jacksonville for cabinet refinishing

N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Jacksonville revives the life and luster of cabinets in Jacksonville, FL every day. As the #1 cabinet refinishing company in the U.S. – including cabinet staining, custom cabinet painting, and cabinet door replacement – transformations are taking place in over 470 locations nationwide. Our durable process is trusted by Jacksonville homeowners and business owners alike.

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N-Hance Cares

Cabinet Refinishing Jacksonville FL

When you choose to refinish and preserve your wood surfaces with N-Hance of Jacksonville, instead of replacing them, you can feel good knowing that you are choosing a path of conservation – saving trees, fossil fuels, and contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gases. Every year, N-Hance saves thousands of trees and reduces waste by refinishing existing cabinets instead of replacing them.

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We Were Recently Featured On TLC’s “Make This Place Your Home”

  • Watch as we update the kitchen of former Jacksonville Jaguars player, Chris Reed! Additionally, learn more about N-Hance of Jacksonville and our unique kitchen cabinet refinishing process!

Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Cabinet Refinishing

Until now, refinishing cabinets meant having a crew in your home for 3-4 days, lots of dust and odor, followed by another 3-4 days of “dry” and “cure” time before you can get back to real life. Lightspeed from N-Hance of Jacksonville changes all that.

Our Lightspeed process cures wood surfaces with a powerful ultraviolet (UV) light that provides a professional and durable factory finish to your cabinets. This means when we leave your wood surfaces are completely dried and cured, resistant to scuffs and scratches, and are protected against staining.

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