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Cabinet Colors Topping The Charts In 2024

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your kitchen design is the cabinet color. At N-Hance, cabinet colors and finishes are our specialty with cabinet refinishing in Jacksonville, Florida. In fact, we can make transforming your kitchen more affordable than you might expect by reworking your existing cabinets.  In the year 2024, there […]

Benefits Of Cabinet Door Replacement Instead Of Veneers

A kitchen remodel is an excellent way to boost the aesthetic and value of your home. Dollars spent in the kitchen prove to be an investment that can yield excellent returns, and one of the key components is the cabinets.  It’s important to have caution when it comes to cutting corners with poor-quality options. With […]

Do This As Your Go-To Routine For Polishing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are the focal point of every kitchen design. They also face a lot of use and wear daily. Caring for them matters, and can also help significantly extend their lifespan.  Our team of professionals specializes in preserving and restoring cabinets with the industry’s best cabinet painting in Saint Johns, Florida. This is an excellent […]

Upgrade Your Existing Cabinets With These Unique Ideas

We believe in highlighting the potential of existing cabinets! That includes utilizing services like cabinet refinishing in Neptune Beach.  In addition, let’s take a look at a few other simple yet significantly impactful ideas that can transform the style and function of your cabinets.  Unleash The Potential Of Your Cabinets Cabinet Refinishing In Neptune Beach […]

Maximize Your Small Kitchen With These Tips

A small kitchen can have everything you both want and need! In fact, less space can actually help you make the best use of every square inch of your kitchen and fill it with useful items you love.  As your trusted cabinet refinisher in Middleburg, our area of expertise is creating dream kitchen designs. We […]

Different Wood Grains For Kitchen Cabinets

There are many different wood types available for your kitchen design. N-Hance can be your guide to finding the perfect fit for your kitchen—and within a reasonable budget when you reface cabinets in Nocatee, Florida.  It’s our job and our passion to help customers understand all of the customizable options available to them for their […]

 Use These Cleaners On Your Painted Cabinets

Use These Cleaners On Your Painted Cabinets Custom cabinets are a highly desirable feature in the kitchen. It’s our specialty to deliver all the benefits that high-end custom cabinetry provides for less with cabinet painting in Atlantic Beach.  We proudly deliver the beautiful look of custom cabinets plus all the durability these surfaces need to […]

Try This For A Quick Kitchen Cabinet Transformation

When people think of a kitchen upgrade, they often picture a construction zone, a dusty mess, an out-of-commission kitchen, and a large bill to pay when all is said and done. But the great news is, N-Hance offers a more fast, more affordable solution—cabinet refinishing in Saint Johns, Florida!  We can see the potential in […]

Cost-Saving Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing

Enjoying the look and function of a new kitchen shouldn’t have to break the bank. In fact, when you reface cabinets in Nocatee, Florida, you can save significantly on your remodel.  Compared to installing new custom cabinets, refacing requires much less time and cost. And the best part is, you don’t have to cut corners […]

Trouble Deciding Which Service Is Best? Your Cabinet Refinisher Can Help!

No amount of internet searching can make up for the real expertise of a professional cabinet refinisher in St John.  Planning for your project requires a personalized touch—including assessing your specific needs, planning your project, then executing it to perfection. Our ultimate goal is to make sure your remodeling dollars are well spent.  Identifying Your […]

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