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Have you found yourself frustrated because the paint on your cabinets is chipping and peeling? If not done correctly, inadequate cabinet painting can actually ruin your cabinets and make them look worse than before. N-Hance of Jacksonville has fixed a lot of bad cabinet painting jobs. Save yourself time and money! We offer one of the most affordable and durable ways to revitalize dreary-looking cabinets.

Our cabinet door replacement service is one of our innovative and affordable cabinet refinishing services. It renews your wood cabinets without the messy cleanup, inconvenience of dust, fumes, or an extended period of time away from your kitchen.

N-Hance of Jacksonville also offers a painting method that helps cover the wood grain so the darkness of the grain doesn’t show through—unlike traditional cabinet painting. We offer hundreds of custom paint colors to choose from to match what you have in mind. Our Lightspeed® Nano process cures the finish immediately so it takes a fraction of the time compared to competitors. There’s no longer any reason to wait to renew the cabinets in your home!

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Find Yourself with Chipping Cabinets?

If you find yourself in this situation we can help! The easiest way for us to fix poorly painted cabinets is to replace the doors themselves. The process of stripping down the chipping paint and getting the factory-quality finish is more time-consuming and costly than replacing the doors, which ends up giving you more options.

N-Hance Can Help!

With N-Hance of Jacksonville’s Cabinet Door Replacement, we leave your existing cabinets in place, only swapping out the doors and drawer fronts. As a part of our cabinet door replacement service, your N-Hance technician will use N-Hance’s special process to match the color of your existing cabinets with your custom doors for a flawless transition between old and new.

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Cabinets!

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N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing VS. Other Cabinet Painters

N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing


  • Proprietary, state-of-the-art products designed to work on cabinets.
  • Cleaning solution developed to remove oil surface contaminants such as oils, grease, waxes, and dirt.
  • Proprietary sealer designed to neutralize acidic conditions that can cause discoloring over time.
  • Cabinet primer is used to block tannins, stains and prevent any bleed through.
  • Custom color is made of an acrylic polyurethane blend resulting in strong adhesion that resists chips or peeling.


  • Using advanced technology, N-Hance developed a proprietary clear topcoat, called Lightspeed® Nano, that is applied and then cured with ultra-violet light.
  • Lightspeed® Nano is designed to provide a factory-grade finish for maximum durability.


  • Clean the cabinets – a non-toxic, chemical cleaning process is followed to remove oils, grease, waxes, grime and old finishes.
  • Prep and seal – neutralizes the PH level of the wood, which is important to ensure proper adhesion and bonding.
  • Primer applied – designed for cabinets to block tannins, stains and prevent bleed through.
  • Custom color applied – several coats applied similarly to the process used with factory-finished colored cabinets for high durability.
  • Lightspeed® Nano applied – the topcoat is cured using UV light for an instant finish – no waiting!

Cabinet Painting


  • Products used by painters are typically not designed for cabinets.
  • Leaves a waxy build-up, which can cause problems with paint adhering to the wood.
  • Some painters use wall primer rather than cabinet primer, such as the primer used by N-Hance which is formulated specifically for cabinets.
  • The most common paint used by painters is a latex paint that is designed to be used on walls, not cabinets. These types of products don’t adhere well to cabinets and do not offer the same durability that N-Hance products provide.


  • Painters often paint cabinets with a paintbrush, which can leave brush marks and an uneven finish.
  • Typically, no topcoat is applied and the paint on the cabinets is left vulnerable to scratches, smudges, chips, and peeling. This also leaves your cabinets looking like they’ve been painted, rather than the factory-like finish that N-Hance provides.
  • Cabinets are left to air-dry, which can be a real problem in high-humidity climates or rooms, such as bathrooms. This leaves your new paint finish susceptible to dust particles, smudges, dripping and fingerprints.


  • The process varies from painter to painter:
    • May clean the cabinets
    • Rarely seals the cabinets
    • If the primer is used it is likely wall primer, which doesn’t provide the same durability as N-Hance’s cabinet primer
  • A topcoat is usually not applied, leaving your cabinets prone to future damage.
  • Paint can take days to dry.

Watch this short video to see how we do it!

Custom Cabinet Color Options

N-Hance of Jacksonville offers a variety of colors to choose from so you can customize the final product to match your own style with a long-lasting, well-protected finish.

We go beyond traditional cabinet painting services by also offering a variety of different finishing techniques, each of which presents its own distinct look.

Call today to more about our custom cabinet painting colors and cabinet door replacement service.

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