The simple task of cabinet painting in Middleburg, Florida can make a significant difference in transforming your space. And because cabinets are the focal point in a kitchen or bathroom, a lot is on the line when it comes to which color you choose. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind from the wood renewal pros in Florida

#1 – Consider your cabinet style before painting 

If you already have your heart set on a specific shade, make sure the color you choose will complement the style of your current cabinets. For example, traditional cabinet fronts may go better with a more classic cream or white while more modern cabinets can pull off a bright, contrasting color. 

#2 – Work with your square footage in terms of color

If your kitchen is smaller and lacks natural light, steer clear of dark cabinets that can make the space feel tighter. Instead, stick with light colored cabinets to open up the room and make it feel larger. And if you do have a larger, bright kitchen, dark cabinets can look stunning.

#3 – Evaluate your other design elements

Consider your existing flooring, countertops, and walls when selecting a cabinet color so they’ll coordinate cohesively. Look at the lighting in your space as well as this can have a significant impact on the look of your cabinet color. It’s always best to collect samples of your favorite colors first to get a feel for how it will translate in your space. 

#4 – Think outside the box 

For a kitchen that’s truly unique, try using multiple colors on upper and lower cabinets or for an accent on a kitchen island. Placing a lighter, neutral color on top with a darker, bolder color on the bottom is a good way to add some visual flair without being too trendy. 

#5 – Instead of painting, try a natural wood stain 

If you love the look of natural wood cabinets, try refinishing them to enhance their natural look rather than painting over them. This option is customizable and also very affordable. 

#6 – Choose the right cabinet finish 

Equally as important as your cabinet color is the finish you choose. Think about glossy, matte, distressed, antiqued, glazed, or torched finishes. Not sure what these are or which will look best in your home? N-Hance professionals can help! 

#7 – You can’t go wrong with neutral painted cabinets

Having trouble deciding on a cabinet color? A neutral white, grey, or cream is always in style for a variety of different design types. These colors also pair well with a variety of furniture, flooring, and wall colors. 

Cabinet Painting In Middleburg, Florida 

There are many decisions to be made throughout the cabinet painting process, and we can help with N-Hance wood renewal in Florida

Our design team can walk you through all of your options from start to finish and help you make selections that will look stunning in your home for decades to come. With N-Hance, a beautiful dream kitchen is in your near future.

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