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Hardwood Floor Damage Categories Can Determine Your Refinishing Needs

Your hardwood floors may fall on a spectrum of damage from light wear and scratches to deep gouges or severe water stains. If you think your hardwood floors are beyond salvageable—think again! Hardwood refinishing can restore even the most extreme damage. Find which refinishing service—like classic floor refinishing or hammered floor refinishing—best matches the needs […]

3 Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets For A Fraction Of The Cost

If you’re less than in-love with your kitchen, chances are, your cabinets are the culprit. But a tight budget doesn’t have to make you settle for a drab kitchen. Here are 3 affordable cabinet refacing alternatives that, on average, cost one fifth the amount compared to tearing out your old cabinets.   Remodel Your Kitchen […]

Are You Making These 5 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes?

The kitchen is where time is spent as a family and cherished memories are made. This is one reason why we spend so much time imagining our dream kitchens—including the perfect kitchen cabinets. A project like kitchen cabinet refinishing should be left to professionals in order to avoid costly mistakes. If you do decide to […]

Save Big On Your Remodel With Cabinet Door Replacement

We’re all about creating dramatically new kitchens for a fraction of the cost compared to many kitchens remodels. Your kitchen cabinets are the first thing people notice and make the most noticeable difference in a kitchen update. So how do you get stunning new cabinets without breaking the bank or eating away your remodeling budget? […]

How To Choose The Right Stain For Your Hardwood Floors

Few things add charm and timeless style to your home like beautiful hardwood floors. Hardwood has been used as flooring for years, and though trends come and go, it has never gone out of style. Hardwoods stand the test of time and are versatile with any theme or decor. It’s clear that your hardwood floors […]

4 Steps to Plan Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Time to Update that Bathroom Transforming your bathroom, whether it be your master or guest, can be a fun remodel that will bring new charm into your home. However, it is so easy task. We’ve compiled some tips to help you get through the four main steps to planning a DIY bathroom remodel. 1. Determine […]

Easy Kitchen Decor Ideas

After a whole kitchen remodel with the help N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Jacksonville, your kitchen may look a little beautiful, just a little bare. It’s easy to forget about the small details after a large kitchen renovation. Bring out the personality of your kitchen and home with these decorating tips. Assess the Lighting Situation Decorative […]

Kitchen | Spring Cleaning Tips

Welcome to Spring! As we start to enjoy the change of weather, we should consider investing some of those weekend hours to cleaning your home. It’s safe to say that one of the more popular spots of the home is the kitchen. For this reason, its important to deep clean this space and eliminate as […]

Avoid Making These Kitchen Renovation Mistakes in Jacksonville, FL

Remodeling your kitchen can be a tricky and sometimes expensive home project. N-Hance Wood Refinishing of Jacksonville, FL has seen many mistakes made in a kitchen remodel. This list gives you some fair warning on what not to do! Here is a list of mistakes to avoid when you’re renovating your kitchen: 1. Overpaying. Paying too […]

Refresh Oak Cabinets in Jacksonville

Request a FREE Estimate NHance: The Experts to Refresh Oak Cabinets in Jacksonville After years of use and exposure to the moisture and grease in your kitchen, the original radiance and beauty of your cabinets have given way to a dull, blemished, and faded appearance. Their formerly lustrous and glossy wooden surfaces are now covered […]

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