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If you’ve had your wood cabinets for years and want to restore their original life and luster then N-Hance of Jacksonville is an option for you. We offer one of the most affordable and usually the quickest way to bring life back into dreary looking cabinets. Our Revolutionary Wood Refinishing is an innovative, affordable cabinet refinishing service that renews your wood cabinets without having to have a messy cleanup and an inconvenience of dust, fumes, and an extended period of time being away from your kitchen.

We offer a painting method that covers the wood grain of your cabinets which unlike traditional cabinet painting, has a difficulty doing. We give you an on-trend and completely customized experience, fitted to what you have in mind. Our Lightspeed® process cures the finish immediately, which means the job will take a fraction of the time compared to the work of competitors. There’s no longer any reason to wait to renew the cabinets in your home!

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N-Hance of Jacksonville: Offering A Smart Alternative To Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Jacksonville, FL

After years of prolonged use and exposure, your kitchen cabinets have lost their original luster and radiance. Their wooden surfaces are covered with accumulated scratches, grime, and water damage that give them a dull, faded, and lifeless appearance. Nevertheless, restoring the beauty of your cabinets is very easy. It does not involve any kitchen cabinet painting Jacksonville. Rather, N-Hance’s line of Opaque Finishes will do the job with ease and economy.

N-Hance’s Opaque Finishes yield much better results than a kitchen cabinet painting Jacksonville

A kitchen cabinet painting Jacksonville Beach is not very expensive. However, neither is it efficient or even effective. First, you must clean and sand the wooden surfaces of your kitchen cabinets thoroughly. After that, you have to apply the correct primer smoothly and evenly. Then you need to identify and use the appropriate finish paint for your cabinets. Any mistakes will ruin the appearance of your cabinets. They might even inflict permanent damage to their wooden surfaces. The process will also leave behind numerous piles of dust for you to clean up. Finally, even the best paint job will yield underwhelming results compared to what N-Hance’s Opaque Finishes can achieve.

N-Hance’s Opaque Finishes are superior to kitchen cabinet painting Jacksonville

N-Hance’s Opaque Cabinet Finishes can give the wooden surfaces of your cabinets a rich, elegant new color that accentuates the natural beauty of their wood grain. This service also comes with the expert advice of our kitchen renovators. With their insight, you can easily choose the color that works best for your kitchen. There are four different finish techniques available: glazed, for that charming cottage-style look; antiqued, for a dignified, classy aged or worn appearance; burnished, which adds distressed details and over-sanded areas; and vintage, which gives sanded edges that reveal wood grain. This service takes three to five days to complete. It leaves no mess behind and is very affordable.

With N-Hance, you don’t have to bother with a kitchen cabinet painting Jacksonville.

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