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NHance: Why get a Jacksonville Beach kitchen cabinet refacing?

Years of use and exposure have left their mark on your cabinets. Perhaps they have lost their original radiance and luster. Maybe their wooden surfaces are now covered in grime, scratches, and water damage. If so, you might be considering a Eugene kitchen cabinet refacing. Such a process would certainly solve your problems. However, NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal can restore your cabinets with far better cost-effectiveness.

NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal is much more efficient than Jacksonville Beach kitchen cabinet refacing

Jacksonville Beach kitchen cabinet refacing processes can be divided into two types. One type involves the use of laminates. This has a lower upfront cost but gives mediocre and short-lived results. Laminates make wooden surfaces look cheap and artificial. They also swell and break down upon exposure to water and daily use. The other type involves replacing your cabinet doors and panels with new ones. This will certainly yield a high quality finish, but it can cost you thousands of dollars. On top of that, your cabinets might end up with mismatched colors since they will now be comprised of different kinds of wood that fade at different rates. The process also takes a lot of time and leaves a huge mess behind. There really is no need to put up with any of these troublesome issues. NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal service can restore your cabinets with minimal fuss and maximum effectiveness!

NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal offers better cost-effectiveness than Jacksonville Beach kitchen cabinet refacing

NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal service features the use of our patented No Dust, No Mess procedure. This means that our work will leave no mess behind or generate any odors. It will also minimize any disruption to your daily routine. During the service, our expert craftsmen will thoroughly clean the wooden surfaces of your cabinets. Then they will repair any damaged areas before touching up the existing finish. By the time they are done, your cabinets will look better than new. The entire process can be finished in only one to two days. It also costs much less than any cabinet refacing process.

Choose NHance’s Basic Cabinet Renewal over Jacksonville Beach kitchen cabinet refacing.

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