One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of a kitchen remodeling project is often selecting the finishing touches. In fact, this is a step that many homeowners get hung up on. 

All the different combinations of materials, styles, and price points can make the decision seem impossible—especially since, for the most part, it comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few key guidelines to follow that can help you choose the final touches that you’ll love for years to come. 

1 – Start With The Countertops.

Start with the largest surface areas and focal points of your kitchen, like the countertops. Beginning there will make all your other selections much easier. 

Consider the texture and color of your countertops. We often recommend a particular focus on smooth, light materials that reflect light. Additionally, Choose a finish that’s easy to clean and durable. Composite material or granite work well for countertops and kitchen islands. If you want to a more unique, bold look—stainless steel, large tile, natural wood, or stone slabs also work well. 

Keep in mind that mixing too many different materials and styles can work against you. It’s better to keep your selections clean and simple. If you do want variation, try one material for your countertops and another for your kitchen island.

2 – Renew Kitchen Cabinets. 

Cabinets draw a lot of attention and make the biggest impact in your new kitchen. Keep your cabinets clean, neutral, and natural. Choose one of our custom colors you love, or if you want more variation, try one color for your upper cabinets and another for the lowers. You can also do one color on your kitchen island and another for the rest of your cabinets! 

When choosing your new cabinet color, don’t forget to take into account the size of your kitchen. Light cabinets can open up a room and make it feel lighter and brighter. Dark cabinets can add richness and beauty to larger kitchens but should be avoided in smaller spaces. 

3 – Tie It All Together With Your Remaining Finishes. 

Once you’ve selected your countertops and cabinets, add pops of contrast with your remaining kitchen finishes. For example, pair lighter backsplashes with dark cabinets or a fun pattern with neutral white cabinets. Choose simple and clean appliances, lighting, and hardware to help keep the style of your kitchen timeless.

Use your countertops and cabinets as building blocks for the rest of your final choices. Focus on using smaller finishes to enhance these larger areas and add touches of visual interest and textural contrast.  

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

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