You’ve probably noticed that white kitchen cabinets are all over social media, Pinterest boards, and design blogs. So what makes this such a popular trend among kitchen remodelers and cabinet refinishers?

Here are a few reasons why white cabinets are such a popular custom color option.


Why Homeowners And Designers Love White Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Light colored cabinets make smaller kitchens feel larger by opening up space—while dark cabinets do just the opposite.
  2. White kitchen cabinets also brighten up space and can do wonders for kitchens that lack natural light.
  3. White kitchens also feel cleaner. Plus, because it’s harder to hide stains on white cabinets, homeowners are more likely to clean them regularly.
  4. White kitchen cabinets are versatile and pair with any decor. White cabinets are like blank canvases that can be customized with pops of color in decor like rugs, curtains, and barstools and unique countertops and backsplashes. With white kitchen cabinets, your style may change over time, but your cabinets don’t have to.
  5. White cabinets have been popular for years and will continue to be as time goes by. They’re a timeless favorite and a wise investment that boosts the resale value of your home.


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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing In Jacksonville, Florida


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