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4 Common Questions About Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets is a significant task, but it can result in a stunning and cost-effective transformation. This process allows you to take old, worn-out cabinets and refresh them with a new look, giving your entire kitchen a facelift. If you’ve never painted kitchen cabinets before, the project can seem daunting. You might be […]

6 Reasons to Install Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Your kitchen is a space where you spend much of your waking hours, so it should be a place you truly love. However, even if you enjoy cooking, an unorganized kitchen can lead to frustration and inefficiency. This is where effective cabinet storage solutions come into play. With a few simple and affordable products, you […]

2024 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

It’s that time again—a new year and fresh kitchen design trends are on the horizon! At N-Hance, helping our customers decide on their new cabinet color when refacing kitchen cabinets in Lancaster is one of our favorite things to do.  Helping our customers make their dream kitchens a reality is what we’re most passionate about! […]

Budget-Friendly Ways To Update Kitchen Cabinets

We’re here to remind you that you don’t have to settle for cabinets you’re anything less than in love with! When you reface cabinets in Buffalo, your cabinets can look custom and brand new but without a big-ticket budget.  We proudly provide solutions that work with existing cabinetry rather than tearing out and replacing it. […]

Wood Grain Types And Patterns For Cabinets

There are various types of wood grains to choose from for your cabinets. The one you select could depend on various factors. As the specialists in cabinet refinishing in Cheektowaga, we can offer some insight and a few expert tips.  We also know the best way to care for your specific cabinet type throughout the […]

The Impact A New Cabinet Door Profile Can Make In Your Kitchen

When renovating a kitchen, outdated cabinets are often the first thing to go. However, we’re here to tell you that you can actually achieve the same look but save some of your hard earned remodeling dollars by taking advantage of cabinet refacing in Orchard Park.  Keeping your cabinet boxes intact and installing new cabinet doors […]

5 Reasons To Choose A Light Cabinet Shade

There’s so much variety and ways to customize kitchen design, particularly when it comes to cabinets.  Cabinets are the visual and functional focal point in the kitchen, and the design choices you make truly do matter. It’s important to select a cabinet color you love, and one that will also be a wise investment on […]

Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing Versus Veneers

Updating cabinet fronts is a popular remodeling approach, and for good reason! This is a wise way to save money on your remodel while still enjoying impressive design results. N-Hance specializes in cabinet refacing in Buffalo—one of the most sought after services for kitchen restoration.  Another method some people consider is cabinet veneers. While there […]

Determining If Painting Kitchen Cabinets Is Best For Your Home

There’s an array of products and services available for the many different features of a kitchen remodel. One of the most beneficial and cost-effective could be painting kitchen cabinets in Buffalo.  The cabinets are the focal point of any kitchen design, so applying thought and remodeling dollars there matters. But that doesn’t have to mean […]

Choosing The Best Wood Type When You Reface Cabinets

The cabinet material you choose not only has an impact on the design of your space but also on how your cabinets will hold up to daily wear and last through the years. When you reface cabinets in Cheektowaga, you can enjoy cabinets that are both structurally sound and also aesthetically pleasing.  We specialize in […]

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