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Do you want painted cabinets?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you want the beauty of a professionally painted cabinet. No, you do not want chips, scratching, yellowing, peeling, and other horrific things that happen to paint. This is where N-Hance of Central and Northern Kentucky comes in. We use a special blend with a urethane base that stands […]

Wow! That was easy…

Most of our customers have mentioned how easy it was to do business with N-Hance of Central and Northern Kentucky. You can see this mentioned many times in our reviews on Google, Facebook, and other areas throughout the web. Our goal is to make the process of refinishing, painting, refacing, or replacing your cabinets as […]

Who do you choose when there are so many choices?

During the first two years of the Covid era, the demand for cabinet refinishing went sky high. Because consumers didn’t want to wait for the top cabinet refinishing companies, many other painters decided to jump in the pool and try to capture some of that business, and they did. Now, the market is flooded with […]

Identifying When You Need Professional Cabinet Painting

Have you been considering having your kitchen cabinets replaced? Maybe your cabinets have seen better days. Maybe you’re just wanting a fresh look? Did you know though, that there are more affordable options that look just as good yet cost significantly less? One of them is N-Hance of Central & Northern Kentucky’s cabinet painting in […]

7 Cabinet Painting Tips

Did you know something as simple as cabinet painting in Erlanger, KY, can completely transform your kitchen? Cabinets are the main focus of the room, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, so choosing the perfect color is an important task! Check out these tips from the experts at N-Hance of Central & Northern Kentucky. 1. […]

Cabinet Refacing: The Fast & Affordable Cabinet Update

Summer is on the horizon. The sun is shining, school is out, and a renewed energy is permeating all around us. At N-Hance of Central & Northern Kentucky, we know that summer fosters added motivation to start and finish some of those home renovation projects. We also know that motivation can be squashed pretty quickly […]

Cabinet Refacing and Other Services N-Hance Offers For Your Remodel

There are many moving parts when it comes to a kitchen remodel. Having the right team of professionals on your side matters, especially when it comes to cabinet refacing in Lexington, Kentucky.  On top of refacing, we offer a bevy of other services to meet every need and budget. Throughout our community, we make homes […]

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Have you ever wished you could get kitchen cabinets that looked completely new without the cost or mess of a renovation? With cabinet refacing in Lexington, KY, you can. In fact, it’s simple. Cabinet refacing is a process that replaces the doors and drawer fronts on your cabinets with new, custom-made ones. Another name for […]

Christmas Trees and Rocksalt

A great article in Parade about protecting your wood floors from both water from Christmas trees and rock salt. Dave Murphy, from N-Hance, explains how you should put mats and plastic under your tree, and you should avoid overfilling the container. With rock salt it is important to keep your floors clean so the rock […]

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