The internet provides quick answers to most of our pressing questions. However, sometimes talking to a real person is just the solution you need—especially if that person is a professional in their field. This is definitely the case when it comes to cabinet refinishing

If you’ve been weighing your options and asking yourself, “What service should I get?” you’re not alone. There are a lot of cabinet refinishing options out there, and it really does help to have a little guidance. The right cabinet refinishing company can help you accurately assess your needs, choose the best service, and bring your dream kitchen to life—and for a price, you can afford.

Identifying Your Cabinet Refinishing Needs 

Each cabinet refinishing project is unique when it comes to needs, budget, and desired results. N-Hance can help make sure you don’t overpay for more than you need, and don’t cut corners, either. 

Each N-Hance cabinet refinishing technician is trained and qualified to help you determine the core of what you’re looking for and match your needs with the appropriate service. For example, the level of damage to your cabinets and your current kitchen layout may be factors in determining if it’s really necessary to tear out and replace your existing cabinets entirely. Many customers a perfect candidates for a less expensive refinishing method that renews your existing cabinets, and N-Hance can help determine if it’s for you. 

Plus, we provide hundreds of custom cabinet colors and stains to complement and enhance your space.

Effectively Planning Your Cabinet Refinishing Project

Accurately laying out the specifics of how much your cabinet refinishing project will really cost and how long you can expect it to take is a difficult take to do yourself—but it can be simple with help from N-Hance professionals. 

Our team knows the cabinet refinishing process inside and out and can give you realistic expectations for your specific kitchen in terms of cost, the impact of the project on your daily schedule, and how long you can anticipate the project to take. 

Plus, we always provide a free price estimate with a detailed breakdown prior to scheduling or beginning your cabinet refinishing project. 

Bringing Your Dream Kitchen To Life

N-Hance can help you determine if classic cabinet refinishing, a cabinet color change option, or a custom color finish is right for you. Then, we’ll execute that process to perfection. 

The N-Hance cabinet refinishing process includes thorough cabinet cleaning and prep, applying your new custom color or restoring the color of your existing cabinets, adding a protective finish and curing it instantly with UV light, then inspecting our work as part of our customer satisfaction guarantee. Plus, we’ll leave you with pro tips for cleaning and caring for your new cabinets. 

With the N-Hance Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Cabinet Refinishing method, your cabinets will be even more durable than before, resist peeling, chipping, stains, scratches, and even the growth of bacteria. Plus, your cabinets will be ready for regular use as soon as we walk out your door. 

Cabinet Refinishing In Hilton Head, South Carolina 

N-Hance is here to make the cabinet refinishing process as stress-free as possible for you. If you have any questions about which service to choose or what method would work best in your home, we’re here to listen and talk through options. With N-Hance of Lowcountry, you can enjoy the kitchen you’ve dreamed of through a pleasant, enjoyable experience!

Contact our team today to have your questions answered!