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5 Signs Your Kitchen Cabinets Need Refinishing

If your kitchen is in need of a transformation but you’re hoping to stay within a reasonable budget, N-Hance offers the perfect solution with cabinet refinishing in Lowcountry.  Fewer rooms make more of an impact on the value of your home like the kitchen. But with all of the high end upgrades available for appliances, […]

The Difference Even Basic Cabinet Refinishing Can Make

If you’re less than satisfied with your outdated kitchen cabinets, you may have considered replacing or refinishing them.  But if the thought of a complete kitchen overhaul has both your head and your wallet spinning, there’s something you should know—N-Hance can make a big impact in your Lowcountry home even with our most basic cabinet […]

The Best Way To Avoid These Common Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Cabinet painting is a complex process. Many homeowners attempt to take on this project themselves, only to find out later that the stress and hassle proves too much.  But be encouraged—you can have a successful DIY outcome when you know which steps to prioritize and which to avoid. And as always, you can trust N-Hance […]

What To Expect From The Cabinet Door Replacement Process

If you’re ready for a completely new look in your kitchen, there are few options as valuable as cabinet door replacement in Lowcountry.  Think about it—if your cabinets are in good condition, why waste thousands of dollars tearing them out and replacing them? N-Hance cabinet door replacement delivers the fresh look of a complete kitchen […]

Everything You Need To Know About Two-Tone Cabinet Colors

If you’ve been thinking about joining the two-tone cabinet color trend, you’re not alone. This is the look everyone seems to be clamoring over as of late—and for good reason.  Falling in love with the two-toned look for cabinets is easy. The kitchen is often the most used room in the home, and designers and […]

7 Unique Benefits Of The N-Hance Lightspeed Process

If you’re seeking to refresh the cabinets, hardwood floors, or luxury vinyl tile in your Lowcountry home, look no further than the N-Hance Lightspeed Process.  Our revolutionary wood refinishing method requires no sanding, is non-toxic, and virtually dust and odor free. With N-Hance, your cabinets or hardwood floors can be completed in half the time […]

Choosing Between Bold Or Subtle Cabinet Custom Color Options

There are many decisions to make throughout the cabinet refinishing process. Among them is if it’s best to go with a bold cabinet color or a more subtle change.  Whether you want to drastically change the color of your cabinets or simply refresh their natural wood grain, we can help you determine which option would […]

Tips For Choosing Between Cabinet Custom Color Options

There’s a seemingly endless rainbow of custom color options to choose from when refinishing your kitchen cabinets. While it may seem like an impossible decision, it doesn’t have to be with a little guidance and direction for narrowing down your options.  Here are a few simple tips you can apply to choose a custom cabinet […]

Why Choose Classic Refinishing Instead Of Staining Cabinets Yourself

Have you ever taken on a do-it-yourself project, then enjoyed the satisfaction that comes when it’s complete? We love a good before and after photo just as much as you do! However, there are definitely certain projects that should be left to the pro’s—like classic cabinet refinishing. Here’s why. Benefits Of Classic Cabinet Refinishing  A […]

5 Loveable Features Of White Kitchen Cabinets

You’ve probably scrolled through Instagram, Pinterest, or flipped through your favorite design magazine and noticed that beautiful white kitchens are all the craze in today’s design world.  However, white kitchen cabinets have been popular for decades, and are more than just a current trend.  Here are 5 features that make white kitchen cabinets are a […]

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