There’s a seemingly endless rainbow of custom color options to choose from when refinishing your kitchen cabinets. While it may seem like an impossible decision, it doesn’t have to be with a little guidance and direction for narrowing down your options. 

Here are a few simple tips you can apply to choose a custom cabinet color you’ll love for your kitchen remodel. 

Choosing A Custom Cabinet Color 

The best place to start is identifying your preferred style and staying true to it throughout the process. For example, cream, soft white, or stained cabinets are cohesive with more traditional designs. Bright, bold cabinet colors with more contrast are typically seen in more modern kitchens. 

Whatever your identified style, neutral colors like black, grey, or white transcend barriers and can look beautiful in a variety of different kitchen designs. 

If you’re having trouble narrowing down your custom cabinet color options, we have a creative solution. Try two-tone tuxedo cabinets by implementing one color on your upper cabinets and another on the bottom or on your kitchen island. The darker color is typically on the bottom cabinets as an anchor with the lighter colored cabinets on top. 

The custom cabinet color you choose will be a reflection of your personality and style. It will also have a significant impact on the feeling of your kitchen, so it’s important to be thoughtful about your decision. Make sure you choose a color you’ll love every time you walk into your kitchen, and you really can’t go wrong. 

Custom Color Options in Hilton Head Island 

Don’t worry—deciding on a custom color option for your cabinets isn’t a journey you have to take on your own. The cabinet painting pros at N-Hance can help you every step of the way and deliver the dream kitchen you long for. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring your new kitchen to life with custom color cabinet refinishing from N-Hance of Lowcountry.

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