Historic homes are becoming more and more popular in the real estate world—especially in this era of do-it-yourselfers and home flippers. And what do home remodelers love to discover more than just about anything? Beautiful, original hardwood floors hidden beneath a bad carpet job.

Why You Should Hang On To Original Hardwood Floors

If you notice extensive damage, stains, or warping on your antique hardwood floors, your first reaction might be to replace or cover them up. But new flooring can’t provide the charm and character that original wood floors can.

Before you jump the gun, you should know that restoring even the oldest, most damaged hardwood floors is possible with N-Hance.

#1 – Even the worst hardwood floor damage can be repaired.

If you’re concerned by the visible damage on your old hardwood floors, you should know that professional hardwood floor refinishers can repair just about anything.

There are some rare cases where hardwood floors with extreme damage can’t be salvaged, but this doesn’t happen often.

Hardwood floor refinishing specialists can mend broken, missing, loose, or squeaky boards, patch holes and damage, remove pet urine or water damage marks, and so much more.

#2 – Wood floor refinishing is the affordable option.

If budget is a concern, wood floor refinishing is clearly your best choice. In fact, refinishing costs a fraction of the cost compared to replacing a hardwood floor.

Wood Floor Refinishing In Hilton Head, South Carolina

Historic or antique hardwood floors are ideal candidates for wood floor refinishing. Have the floors you’ve always dreamed of while preserving charm that’s irreplaceable.

Ready to get started on your wood floor refinishing project? Schedule a free estimate with N-Hance of Hilton Head!