Custom Painted Finishes


Custom Painted Finishes

Cabinet Painting Services in Northern New Jersey

Are you looking to update your kitchen cabinets and add a little color to your home? N-Hance’s professional cabinet painters in Morris and Essex County will give your kitchen a brand new look without needing to pay for an expensive remodel or redesign. N-Hance of Northern New Jersey’s cabinet painting service provides limitless color options and our expert kitchen cabinet painting contractors can give your kitchen a new look in a matter of days.

At N-Hance of Northern New Jersey, we offer an exclusive line of custom colors that allow you to showcase your personal style through neutral or vibrant kitchen cabinets. Our cabinet painting service in Morris and Essex County sets us apart from the rest. With our innovative Lightspeed® instant-cure commercial finish, the results are far superior to regular cabinet painting services. If you’re unsure about the color you want, our professional cabinet painters are here to assist you every step of the way. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect color that complements your style.

Unlike many other kitchen cabinet painting contractors, N-Hance takes a comprehensive approach to ensure exceptional results. We start by thoroughly cleaning and priming the cabinets, creating a more adhesive surface. Next, we apply your chosen color and top coat, guaranteeing durability and longevity. With a wide variety of colors and finishing techniques to choose from, the options are limitless.

In just under a week, you can transform the style of your kitchen, bathroom, or business by changing the color of your cabinets using our Custom Colors. N-Hance of Northern New Jersey provides a broader range of colors compared to other cabinet painting companies in Morris and Essex County, giving you the freedom to fully express yourself. With hundreds of color combinations available, we can match both your kitchen and your unique style. Read on to learn more about our meticulous step-by-step process.

N-Hance Custom Color change is 1/3rd the cost of refacing and is 1/5th the cost of replacing your cabinets saving you money and helping to stretch your remodeling budget. Watch this short video to learn more!

N-Hance Custom Color v. Traditional Cabinet Painting in Morris and Essex County, NJ

Show your home some love by choosing from a variety of custom color cabinet finishes that can be perfectly matched to exactly what you had in mind. No more settling.  Not sure of the color you want? We can help you choose! Our professional cabinet painting service in Morris County will help you chose the perfect color to suit your style and your home.


Endless Cabinet Color Options

Our acrylic polyurethane paint blend will give you an effortless, factory-like look that all of your neighbors will be asking about. When it comes to painting your cabinets we won’t slap on a layer of paint and call it good. With years of experience updating cabinets in Morris and Essex County, we have mastered the art of cabinet painting and can promise our process is high quality which means no drips or streaks and is also high durability- no chipping, no peeling, and a rock hard finish. Whether your home caters to pets or kids, your cabinet color finish is sure to stand the test of time.


Choose from a variety of shades, tones and tints for your cabinets + we offer finishing techniques too!

Color Change Fan

Our finishing techniques include:

  • Glazed: Charming cottage-style look, random distressing, hang-ups in corners
  • Antiqued: Creates an aged or worn look to your cabinets
  • Torched: Adds depth by adding a darker shade in the recessed parts of the cabinets



Convenient & Affordable Kitchen Update

We would love to speak with you about your kitchen goals. Curious to see what we can do? Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration. The design options are endless! N-Hance of Northern New Jersey cares deeply about our customers in the Morris and Essex County, NJ area.


N-Hance of Northern New Jersey’s Step by Step Process:

  • Clean the Cabinets. Before we do anything, we use a proprietary cleaning process to clean your cabinets and remove oils, grease, grime, waxes and other particles that may have accumulated, as well as loose layers of old finish. This gives us a fresh canvas to work with.
  • Prep and Seal. We prep and seal the cabinets, neutralizing the wood’s pH levels. This step is important to make sure that the primer and color bond to the wood properly so that there’s no discoloration down the road.
  • Apply Primer. Our primer blocks tanning and stains on the wood from bleeding through and distorting the surface after the process is complete.
  • Apply Custom Color. We only provide the best. That’s why we use our own acrylic polyurethane blend, as opposed to basic latex paint. We apply several coats to your cabinet to make the finish durable against bumps, scratches, and other physical wear. This process is similar to the process used in factories when manufacturing new cabinets.
  • Apply Lightspeed®. N-Hance uses a proprietary top coat that is cured using ultraviolet light. This finish dries quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait to use your cabinets again! Lightspeed® also contains an antimicrobial property that decreases bacteria growth by 99%, keeping your home and family healthy.


Call N-Hance of Northern New Jersey at (973) 252-9663 for more information on how N-Hance can transform your kitchen, bathroom, or other cabinetry in Morris and Essex County, NJ with our Custom Colors.


We put our process to the test and compared it to the traditional way of painting cabinets with latex paint. See the difference for yourself!

Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Refinishing

N-Hance can transform your wood surfaces in a matter of days, not weeks using our proprietary Lightspeed technology. After the specialized color product is complete, Lightspeed technology uses UV light to instantly cure a final, durable topcoat to your cabinets or floors. Surfaces will be 100% ready for immediate use when we leave.

Learn More about N-Hance Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Refinishing

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