If boosting the resale value of your home is on your horizon, cabinet painting should be on your list. In fact, something as simple and inexpensive as a cabinet color change can make a big difference.

Cabinet Painting And The Value Of Your Home

One of the leading online real estate marketplaces, Zillow, recently released it’s 2018 report highlighting which paint colors sell best in a home. They analyzed over 135,000 homes around the United States and found how the color of kitchen cabinets can impact their selling price.

What they found is that neutral colored cabinets sell best..

A popular trend that adds some variety is tuxedo cabinets. This is when a kitchen features light cabinets on top and a darker color on the bottom or kitchen island. Zillow found that this one trend alone can increase a home’s value by about $1,547.

You can also try pairing your freshly painted cabinets with new hardware. On average, it costs only $250 or less for hardware and $300 to paint your cabinets. This is a small price to pay for the return on investment it can bring.

Painting cabinets yourself is a lot of work and it can be tricky to get it done right. That’s why it’s wise to consider have a professional paint your kitchen cabinets for you.

Cabinet Painting In Bridgewater, New Jersey

The color you choose for your kitchen cabinets is an important decision to make. The numbers show that neutral colors can increase the selling price of your home in the Bridgewater area. N-Hance of Northwest Jersey can help you choose the perfect custom color and bring your dream kitchen to life with our revolutionary cabinet refinishing services.

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