If your cabinets or hardwood floors need a refresher, there’s no better method for wood refinishing in Jacksonville, Florida than the N-Hance Lightspeed Process

Our revolutionary wood refinishing method is virtually dust and odor free, non-toxic, and requires zero sanding. Plus, we cure your wood surfaces instantly with our proprietary Lightspeed technology. 

With N-Hance, your wood refinishing project will be completed in half the time without the harmful dust and fumes that come with other methods. Your wood surfaces can look as good as new plus be durable and fortified for decades to come with Lightspeed

Here are some of the features unique to Lightspeed that provide incredible benefits for your Jacksonville, Florida home: 

  • N-Hance Lightspeed Plus™ antimicrobial UV finishes reduce the growth of harmful bacteria like E. Coli and Staph by 99%
  • Wood surfaces treated with Lightspeed Plus™ are chemical resistant and better repel stains 
  • As part of the Lightspeed process, we instantly cure your wood surfaces using UV light. As soon as we’re finished, wood treated with Lightspeed is dry, durable, and ready for use immediately 
  • Lightspeed Plus™ finishes are available in hundreds of stain and paint colors, plus satin, gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finish options 
  • Wood surfaces treated with Lightspeed Plus™ resist scratches, chipping, peeling, and more 

Wood Refinishing In Jacksonville, Florida 

Simply put, there’s no better wood refinishing method throughout Jacksonville than Lightspeed Plus™ from N-Hance. We can complete your project in record time, with little to no downtime for you and your loved ones. 

Put your wood surfaces in the best hands with N-Hance wood refinishing professionals. We look forward to serving you with the most innovative wood refinishing method money can buy. 

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