The kitchen is where time is spent as a family and cherished memories are made. This is one reason why we spend so much time imagining our dream kitchens—including the perfect kitchen cabinets.

A project like kitchen cabinet refinishing should be left to professionals in order to avoid costly mistakes. If you do decide to take on painting cabinets yourself, here are some of the biggest faux pas to avoid.


Mistake #1 – The Wrong Cabinet Color

One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing a trendy cabinet color in an effort to be unique or add personality.

The issue with this is, it can significantly decrease the resale value of your home. Trendy colors also make it more likely that you’ll want to update your cabinets again in a few short years—increasing costs for you in the long run.

Instead, choose a timeless neutral color that just about anyone could love—like beige, gray, white, or a natural wood stain. Then add fun pops of color in less permanent ways, like rugs, curtain, dishes on display, hardware, and barstools.


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Mistake #2 – Neglecting To Consider Square Footage

Before jumping on board with the color you envision, make sure you think about how large your space is. Even if you long for dark cabinets but you have a small kitchen, you could regret your decision because dark colors make space look smaller. On the other hand, lighter neutral colors make a tiny space feel more open.


Mistake #3 – Unrealistic Expectations Of The Time Commitment

Pinterest makes painting kitchen cabinets look easy. However, it’s far from a simple task. Doing it yourself can demand at least a week of your time. That’s why having a professional refinish your cabinets for you not only saves you time but ensures that the job will be done right.


Mistake #4 – Not Cleaning Wood Cabinets Thoroughly

Failing to prep cabinets with proper cleaning is one of the most detrimental mistakes in the refinishing process. If dirt, oil, and grease aren’t removed beforehand, the paint and finish won’t adhere well. The sad truth is, this isn’t just a mistake for do-it-yourselfers, but for many painting companies, too.

Find a wood renewal company who specializes specifically in painting cabinets. That way, they’ll use the right cleaning solutions so the paint won’t chip or peel.


Mistake #5 – Not Using The Right Primer And Paint

Never skip the priming step before painting. Again, make sure to use professionals who specialize in cabinet painting. Most wall painting companies use wall primer and paint on cabinets, too—which is a big no-no. They also use latex paint made for walls, when cabinets need unique primer and paint that is more durable and blocks stains. Instead, choose your new cabinet color from a variety of acrylic-polyurethane blends to prevent chipping and peeling.

Wall painters brush on paint, leaving behind unwanted drip marks and brush strokes. Cabinet painting specialists like N-Hance use a unique painting method that’s instantly cured with a UV light—leaving you with a factory-like finish and hardly any downtime.


Leave Painting Kitchen Cabinets To The Pro’s

Rather than taking away your precious time and running the risk of making these common mistakes, let the professionals paint your kitchen cabinets for you.


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