If you’re less than in-love with your kitchen, chances are, your cabinets are the culprit.

But a tight budget doesn’t have to make you settle for a drab kitchen. Here are 3 affordable cabinet refacing alternatives that, on average, cost one fifth the amount compared to tearing out your old cabinets.


Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget

Aside from what some top designers will tell you, you don’t have to break the bank to have a kitchen that looks expensive, exquisite, and well put-together.

One of the most common misconceptions about kitchen cabinet remodeling is that you have to completely tear out your existing cabinet units in order to achieve what you want.

If you like the current layout of your kitchen, and if the storage your cabinets provide fits your needs, then why tear out your cabinet boxes—especially if they’re in good shape?

Instead, simply update or replace your cabinet doors and drawers with one of the following methods.


#1 – Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is the simple process of refreshing old, worn cabinets with a new protective finish. This is a great option if you love the existing color of your cabinets but they need cleaned up and rejuvenated.

This is the least invasive, faster option. Plus, with N-Hance’s unique Lightspeed® Instant-Cure U.V. technology, your cabinets will be ready for regular use right away—no waiting for the finish to dry or cure.

Did you know that cabinet refinishing from N-Hance is one third the cost of refacing your cabinets and one fifth the cost of completely replacing your cabinets?

Cabinet refinishing from N-Hance is extremely affordable and won’t interfere with your busy schedule.


#2 – Cabinet Color Change

If you love the structure of your cabinets but you’re looking for a dramatic change in color, a cabinet color change service is right for you.

N-Hance applies a custom color of your choosing to your cabinets with no drips, no streaks, and no bleed thru. Plus, our rock-hard finish is highly durable and won’t chip or peel.

With literally hundreds of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the shade that’s perfect for your kitchen.

Check out these stunning before and after photos of cabinet color change projects to see the difference we can make in your Jacksonville, Florida home!


#3 – Cabinet Door Replacement

This is the most expensive option of the three but is much more affordable than completely replacing your cabinets. Cabinet door replacement is ideal if your cabinet boxes are in good shape but your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are outdated or you want a completely different look.

Our team of cabinet remodeling professionals will help you select a door style, profile, and wood type you’ll love. Next, we’ll walk you through selecting the perfect color, finish, and sheen to achieve your desired look.

Want to see the difference cabinet door replacement can make? View this video of one of our favorite recent projects in the Jacksonville, Florida area.


Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Updates From N-Hance Of Jacksonville

It’s possible to update your kitchen cabinets without the cost or mess of a complete remodel. Let the professionals at N-Hance of Jacksonville take care of you!

We’d love to talk through the details of your project. Schedule an estimate today for your home in the Jacksonville, Florida area!