Monthly Archives: January, 2023

Protect The Planet; Refinishing Instead Of Replacing

N-Hance helps minimize this impact by making it easy to refinish existing cabinets instead of replacing them.  Why Refinish? Replacing your kitchen cabinets instead of refinishing them doesn’t just hit your wallet. It also depletes the world’s forests and adds to landfills. By electing to refinish your cabinets and hardwood floors instead of replacing them, […]

How to Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

If you’ve been looking for an affordable way to make your bathroom feel new again, look no further. N-Hance offers cabinet refinishing, painting, and even refacing to ensure you get the look you want from your remodel without breaking the bank.  Bathroom vanities are some of the most abused places in the home. Toothpaste residue, […]

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