Hardwood Floor Sanding & Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Denver

At N-Hance of Denver, we have been restoring hardwood floors for over 31 years! We are true professional craftsmen who take pride in offering our clients several options for restoring your hardwood floors. Our N-Hance refinishing system can restore a floor in one day, we can perform repairs or replace damaged boards without necessarily sanding the entire hardwood floor, and of course, complete sand and refinish. We also offer an industry leading proprietary instant cure finish allowing your floor to be used immediately without delay.

Our N-Hance sanding process works on many floors that other sanders will walk away from. This includes factory pre-engineered flooring. We have the ability to sand-engineered floors!

N-Hance Floor Sanding provides:

  • A virtually dust-free experience
  • Removal of scratches and deep impressions…even those against the grain
  • Removal of those graying high traffic areas
  • A quick process, the finish is cured immediately using our UV light technology
  • Endless color options to choose from to stain your beautiful refinished floors

Hardwood Repair Process

These photos are showing a small extension we added by lacing it into the current floor. By lacing, you will not be able to tell that this was added once the floor is sanded again.

We then sanded and finished the floors to match. They had us remove the old color and go with a 100% natural floor. It is finished with a seal coat, followed by 3 coats of finish. 100% cured when done so they are available for immediate use.

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replacing hardwood floor boards denver
matching new hardwood floor boards together denver
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before wood floor refinishing


after wood floor refinishing


before wood floor refinishing


after wood floor refinishing

How is the N-Hance Floor Sanding Process Different?

  • Our professionals in Denver use a state of the art sander that offers an extremely even finish that doesn’t leave drum marks or chatter marks/waves like traditional and commonly used drum sanders can.
  • The N-Hance sander can be used on floors with as little as 1/8” inch of wood, therefore can be used on engineered hardwood floors.
  • The N-Hance sander is virtually dust-free. This keeps your house much cleaner and the process is healthier for your family and pets.
  • Our final protective finish is cured using UV light technology. This cures the finish immediately so you can move furniture back in place and get on with life.
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filling in hardwood floors before sanding and refinishing denver
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lightspeed uv curing technology denver

hardwood floor sanding and refinishing process denver

N-Hance Floor Staining & Refinishing Service

N-Hance Wood Refinishing can bring your hardwood floors to life with our new stains. Our stains are used to color raw wood, such as floors, doors and so much more! The N-Hance stains are a water-based formula that keeps VOC’s low and is more environmentally friendly.

Contact us today to discuss your floor refinishing project or request a free, no-obligation in-home consultation!

(303) 463-9663

See what our customers are saying:

“I used N-Hance of Denver my second time and they did a wonderful job in my kitchen again! Amazing. They are very professional and the color was so professionally done. Andy and his staff are a great crew and I am so very pleased on their work again for the second time….Great Company and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.”

Diane F., ★★★★★

“Great experience with N-Hance of Denver. The installers were professional and treated our home with great respect. From set up to billing, this company is customer focused and makes working with them a pleasure. The work quality is outstanding.”

Mike C., ★★★★★

“N-Hance of Denver is an amazing process that is years ahead of its competitors in quality and technology. Gorgeous is what comes to mind when I think of the finished product. Andy and his team are of the highest caliber with their standards of finish work and how they care for your home.”

Nathaniel B., ★★★★★

“Thanks to these guys, my home value shot up around 30,000 dollars just from having my kitchen refinished by N-Hance of Denver, Andy and his crew have an attention to detail with their quality of work is super professional. I think the only hardest part with these guys was the color choices, 1000s to choose from but we found which colors worked the best for our two tone kitchen. It only took them 3 days to complete the kitchen. I highly recommend if you’re looking to get your kitchen or anything refinished, go with N-Hance of Denver, Andy will take care of you. He did a free estimate for us on our schedule which made it super convenient. Thanks you Andy!!”

Michael H., ★★★★★

“My kitchen cabinets look like new. I’m thrilled. Also the guy’s doing the work were so present. It’s been a very pleasant experience. Thank you.”

Linda S., ★★★★★

“The workers were polite and respectful. They took precautions to protect my hardwood floor, painted walls, and granite countertop. They cleaned up after themselves and answered all of my questions. Overall, it was a good experience.”

Kathleen K., ★★★★★

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