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Hardwood Floor Sanding, Refinishing, & Repair

Do you have a floor that overall looks good, but you have an area that has some water damage from a leaking water line, or a board that is split and splintering and you want it replaced?

Most hardwood floor contractors will tell you that you need to have the entire floor sanded completely in order to make the color blend. This means more time and expense for you. With N-Hance floor refinishing and repair, you may not need to have the entire floor sanded down. We have over 31 years of hardwood floor repair experience and can custom blend colors, saving you time and money. We have done countless jobs in the metro area restoring our client’s floors and repairing sections of hardwood floors without the need to sand it all down.

Give us a call today and we are happy to come out and give you a bid for repairing your floors today!

Hardwood Repair Process

These photos are showing a small extension we added by lacing it into the current floor. By lacing, you will not be able to tell that this was added once the floor is sanded again.

We then sanded and finished the floors to match. They had us remove the old color and go with a 100% natural floor. It is finished with a seal coat, followed by 3 coats of finish. 100% cured when done so they are available for immediate use.


before small area of hardwood floor requiring repair


denver hardwood floor repair


before hardwood floor spot treatment blending stain colors denver


after floor repair denver

Repair Your Wood Floors Today!

N-Hance of Denver & Boulder can bring your hardwood floors back to life with our professional repair service. We’ve seen it all over the years and have the solutions that you are looking for.

Contact us today to discuss your floor repair & refinishing project or request a free, no-obligation in-home consultation!

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