Floor Refinishing

Floor Sanding

N-Hance Cabinet Services

Repair, refinish, and renew your hardwood floor's original luster and shine with our innovative sanding and refinishing process.

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Classic Floor Refinishing

N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing Services

Make renewing your hardwood floors' original beauty in Denver easy without the added mess or odor typically associated with the traditional refinishing methods.

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Non-Sandable Floor Refinishing

N-Hance Cabinet Services

If your floors are considered a part of the non-sandable variety (cork, bamboo, engineered, etc), then we can make your floors beautiful once again!

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Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Until now, refinishing hardwood floors meant having a crew in your home for 3-4 days, lots of dust and odor, followed by another 3-4 days of “dry” and “cure” time before you can even move furniture on to your floors and get back to real life. Lightspeed from N-Hance changes all that.

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