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Are you looking to update your kitchen cabinets and add a little color to your home? N-Hance’s professional cabinet painters will give your kitchen a brand new look without needing to pay for an expensive remodel or redesign. N-Hance’s cabinet painting service provides limitless color options and our expert kitchen cabinet painting contractors can give your kitchen a new look in a matter of days.

We offer expertise and innovation that is simply not available anywhere else. Our corporate team includes on-staff chemists and material scientists that have developed all the products we use. In other words, we do not simply pick up some cleaning supply to try and prep your cabinets, our cleaning solutions are designed specifically for wood and help promote the highest adhesion possible. Your wood is neutralized so there is no adverse chemical reaction between one product and another. We do not use regular paint. Our exclusive proprietary polyurethane tint base is made from the same finish you would apply to hardwood floors! Far superior to standard paint.

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art, fully enclosed, temperature-controlled spray booths. Each booth also contains a powerful negative air scrubber. This machine replaces the air in the booth 12 times per hour, thereby removing all product overspray and leaving behind a beautiful factory finish. With our Lightspeed® instant-cure commercial finish, for which we’re famous, the result is far different from a simple cabinet painting service.

You can dramatically change the style of your kitchen, bathroom, or business in just 3-5 days by changing the color of your cabinets with our Custom Painted Finishes. N-Hance Wood Refinishing in Denver offers you the freedom to fully express yourself with a complete range of color options in any combination to match both your kitchen and your style.

Why customers love the N-Hance Custom Color Change:

You can choose from a variety of colors.

Cabinet Color Change option denver co

And different finishing techniques:

  • Glazed: Charming cottage-style look, random distressing, hang-ups in corners
  • Antiqued: Creates an aged or worn look to your cabinets
  • Torched: Adds depth by adding a darker shade in the recessed parts of the cabinets

Call the N-Hance of Denver team at (303) 463-9663 for more information on how N-Hance can transform your kitchen, bathroom, or other cabinetry with our Custom Colors.


We put our process to the test and compared it to the traditional way of painting cabinets with latex paint. See the difference for yourself!

Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Refinishing

N-Hance can transform your wood surfaces in a matter of days, not weeks using our proprietary Lightspeed technology. After the specialized color product is complete, Lightspeed technology uses UV light to instantly cure a final, durable topcoat to your cabinets or floors. Surfaces will be 100% ready for immediate use when we leave.

Learn More about N-Hance Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Refinishing

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