Your hardwood floors may fall on a spectrum of damage from light wear and scratches to deep gouges or severe water stains.

If you think your hardwood floors are beyond salvageable—think again! Hardwood refinishing can restore even the most extreme damage.

Find which refinishing service—like classic floor refinishing or hammered floor refinishing—best matches the needs of your damaged floors with this simple rating system.


Classic Hardwood Floor Refinishing

These floors are ideal candidates for classic floor refinishing. They’re categorized by light wear and minor stains.


Category 8-9 Damage To Hardwood Floors

This category of floors are in otherwise great condition but just need a fresh finished to be restored.

Photos of category 8-9 hardwood floors


Category 6-7 Damage To Hardwood Floors

These floors show signs of regular wear, light scratches, fading from the sun, and minor damage to floor boards.

Photos of category 6-7 hardwood floors


Hammered Hardwood Floor Refinishing

These floors, marked by severe damaged, need more extensive restoration with hammered floor refinishing.


Category 3-5 Damage To Hardwood Floors

This category of floors includes minor pet stains, extensive sun damage, holes, and patches of missing stains.

Photos of category 3-5 hardwood floors


Category 0-2 Damage To Hardwood Floors

This is the most extreme category of hardwood floor damage. This may include water or pet urine stains, deep gouges, raw or missing boards, and other damage that you may think is beyond repair—although it can be repaired with hammered floor refinishing from N-Hance of Jacksonville, Florida.

Photos of category 0-2 hardwood floors


Damage Can Be Reversed With Hardwood Refinishing

Even the most damaged hardwood floors can be repaired with classic and hammered hardwood floor refinishing.

Our floor qualifier provides examples of the types of hardwood floor damage—like stains, scratches, and more—that can be repaired with help from N-Hance of Jacksonville, Florida.


Hardwood Floor Renewal In Jacksonville, Florida

From light scratches and wear to even the most extreme damage, N-Hance of Jacksonville can take care of your wood refinishing needs.

Schedule a free estimate for your hardwood floor refinishing project in the Jacksonville, Florida area!