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Cabinet Painting in Glenview, IL

If you’re looking to update your kitchen cabinets in Glenview, IL, but you’re not looking to spend a small fortune on a complete kitchen remodel, N-Hance of Suburban Chicago is perfect for you! N-Hance Wood Refinishing services can give new life to your old cabinets with our cabinet painting and cabinet refacing in Glenview, IL renewing their natural beauty or updating them with a more modern look. We can help you refresh your current finish, go for a deeper color, or change the look of your cabinets completely. We offer a gorgeous, factory-style finish that’s designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

High-Quality, Factory-Style, Durable Finish

UV Lightspeed Instant Cabinet Curing

Free, No-Obligation Virtual Price Estimates

Custom Cabinet Upgrades

No dust or mess

Much cheaper than replacing cabinets

Durable finish with no chipping

Typically complete in 1-5 days

Hundreds of colors to choose from

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Get the kitchen cabinets you’ve always dreamed of with cabinet painting in Glenview IL.

N-Hance Compared To Traditional Painting

Overview of N-Hance

N-Hance Cabinet Refinishing


  • Proprietary, state-of-the-art products designed to work on cabinets.
  • Cleaning solution developed to remove oil surface contaminants such as oils, grease, waxes, and dirt.
  • Proprietary sealer designed to neutralize acidic conditions that can cause discoloring over time.
  • Cabinet primer is used to block tannins, stains and prevent any bleed through.
  • Custom color is made of an acrylic polyurethane blend resulting in strong adhesion that resists chips or peeling.


  • Using advanced technology, N-Hance developed a proprietary clear top coat, called Lightspeed®, that is applied and then cured with ultra-violet light.
  • Lightspeed® is designed to provide a factory-grade finish for maximum durability..


  • Clean the cabinets – a non-toxic, chemical cleaning process is followed to remove oils, grease, waxes, grime and old finishes.
  • Prep and seal – neutralizes the PH level of the wood, which is important to ensure proper adhesion and bonding.
  • Primer applied – designed for cabinets to block tannins, stains and prevent bleed through.
  • Custom color applied – several coats applied similarly to the process used with factory-finished colored cabinets for high durability.
  • Lightspeed® applied – the top coat is cured using UV light for an instant finish – no waiting!

Cabinet Painting


  • Products used by painters are typically not designed for cabinets.
  • Leaves a waxy build-up, which can cause problems with paint adhering to the wood.
  • Some painters use wall primer rather than cabinet primer, such as the primer used by N-Hance which is formulated specifically for cabinets.
  • The most common paint used by painters is a latex paint that is designed to be used on walls, not cabinets. These types of products don’t adhere well to cabinets and do not offer the same durability that N-Hance products provide.


  • Painters often paint cabinets with a paintbrush, which can leave brush marks and an uneven finish.
  • Typically, no top coat is applied and the paint on the cabinets is left vulnerable to scratches, smudges, chips, and peeling. This also leaves your cabinets looking like they’ve been painted, rather than the factory-like finish that N-Hance provides.
  • Cabinets are left to air-dry, which can be a real problem in high-humidity climates or rooms, such as bathrooms. This leaves your new paint finish susceptible to dust particles, smudges, dripping and fingerprints.


  • Process varies from painter to painter:
    • May clean the cabinets
    • Rarely seals the cabinets
    • If the primer is used it is likely wall primer, which doesn’t provide the same durability as N-Hance’s cabinet primer
  • A top coat is usually not applied, leaving your cabinets prone to future damage.
  • Paint can take days to dry.


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Don’t just take our word for it – see what people are saying about N-Hance of Suburban Chicago’s cabinet painting in Glenview, IL.


Juan was excellent to work with, professional , on time and a good communicator. The old cabinets were in good shape , but were a medium to dark color and I wanted white. Looks like a brand new kitchen at a fraction of the price! His entire crew were on time, polite, very careful and left everything clean. It was a very quick process compared to ordering and installing new cabinets. I’m very pleased with the outcome and I would highly recommend them. Side note, make sure to contact the correct N’Hance because there are different franchises and the first one I called by mistake didn’t seem like they were on the ball.



We couldn’t be happier with our kitchen cabinets! They look brand new. The work was finished early. Everyone communicated well – especially the techs working at the house. They added a roll out garbage cabinet and created shaker style paneling for our peninsula as well. They were efficient, and the finished product is stunning.



They refinished my cabinets and they look fabulous. I had Between re-staining kitchen cabinets, installing sliding shelves and replacing cabinet door glass, Dave totally updated our kitchen at a great price-point. A fraction of the cost of replacing or refacing the cabinets. Plus, Dave’s team also re-finished our wood floors and re-stained our banisters, allowing us to undertake a massive renovation with just one vendor.



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