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Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is the most affordable option when it comes to updating your cabinets. Not many people are aware of how cabinet refinishing is carried out today. Traditionally, cabinet refinishing in Chicago necessitated removing the cabinets and completing the work in a shop, only to reinstall several weeks later or it might be an extended process carried out in the center of your home with significant odor and disruption.

Nowadays, our process deploys techniques, products, and equipment that replicates the manufacturing and finishing of new cabinetry in a factory, including ultraviolet light curing to create a hard, durable catalyzed finish. The complete process for your cabinets takes place in your home and does not require the removal of your cabinets. Only the doors and drawers are removed and refinished completed in our facility in Chicago. Refinishing can generally be completed within a week and is much less expensive than cabinet replacement or a complete refacing.

Wood Refinishing – Done Right

Cabinet Refinishing is an innovative process that costs much less than cabinet replacement or refacing.

Cabinet refinishing in Chicago entails restoring the original finish of your existing cabinets. Cabinet refinishing begins with a complete cleansing and degreasing of your cabinets’ wooden surfaces. Repairs to any damaged areas then follow. At this point, you can choose to either restore the original finish of your cabinets or refinish them in a different color. Our process is typically 1/3 the cost of cabinet refacing and 1/5 the cost of replacing your cabinets.

Our products and techniques are made specifically for kitchen cabinets. Thanks to our comprehensive research and development, we possess preparation & finishing methods that give our projects optimal effectiveness, efficiency, and durability.

We use a patented & sandless renewal technique to restore your cabinets’ existing finish without leaving any mess or odors behind. Most of our work also takes place in your home. We are able to provide durable, factory-style finishes with optimal efficiency and economy. This means that our services cost far less than cabinet replacement or refacing without sacrificing quality.

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See what our customers are saying:

“More people should know about this service!  We found them thru Home Depot.  I had the boring, standard, light brown cabinets in my condo.  N-Hance of Chicago has transformed them!  They are now a beautiful, warm, cherry brown.  My Kitchen and Bath now look like one of those expensive showroom ones you see in magazines!  The process was super easy!  There is no dust, no chemical smell and only takes a few days.  The crew were polite, efficient and neat.  Tom (our Sales guy) was incredible.  He kept tabs on the project every step of the way.  The best part was how reasonably priced they are….way less expensive then replacing all the cabinets!”

Jennifer F., ★★★★★

“They made 40 year old cabinets look new again.  They moved all of the hardware and you can’t tell where it had been placed before.  No more worn or dull spots.  Everything was polished and consistent.  They were efficient, professional and friendly.  I would recommend them and have already done so.  The cost was very reasonable.  We got “new” cabinets without having to pay for new cabinets.”

John N., ★★★★★

“Tom came out and inspected our kitchen cabinets in our condo downtown. We wanted to take the maple cabinet color to a white color and change out the hardware. Tom was prompt and very friendly. He walked us through the process and made suggestions on how to make the kitchen look and feel bigger by adding crown molding along with adding trim on some of the flat surfaces to give it more character. We met with a total of four cabinet companies so we could receive competitive proposals. Tom was the only one that went the distance and listened to our pain points of our kitchen and made excellent suggestions. The cabinets look amazing and our small condo kitchen looks a lot bigger. It is more exciting now to be in the kitchen and cooking! I find myself sitting on the couch just staring at it and smiling. Great job guys!!”

Jonathan F., ★★★★★

“First I want to Thank Don who was at my home everyday. He work very hard to take my honey oak stained cabinets and make them white. I cannot express what a wonderful job this was. It was as painless as could be. Tom our sales person was great to. He explained everything in great detail about the process and what to expect. It was well worth the wait. It is such a pleasure to come home to a bright white kitchen. Home Depot referred them to me and I couldn’t be happier with the out come. All I can say is AWESOME,”

Susan C., ★★★★★

“Tom and the entire N-Hance of Chicago team did an excellent job painting our previously cherry red cabinets in our kitchen pure white. The team was professional and took great care of the entire kitchen space to ensure no damage or impact. Even the other contractors who were doing different work in the house were impressed with the quality of the work. We would highly recommend N-Hance of Chicago.”

Peter H., ★★★★★

“They were such professionals and very accommodating! So, from the start with the sales person, Tom, to the technician. Alexander, who did the painting, THANK YOU! Follow up scheduling was great & work done in timely manner, as promised! Went out of their way to make sure I was completely happy with the finished product! Cleaned up after job was completed so you wouldn’t even know they had been there! Except, now I have a great looking, updated kitchen!”

Ann B., ★★★★★

Replace Only As A Last Resort.

Cabinet replacement is a large-scale kitchen renovation that carries the largest price tag between refinishing, refacing & replacing. For this process, your existing cabinets will be removed and replaced with brand new cabinets.

You can make significant changes to your kitchen layout and adjust the number of cabinets you have. Replacing your cabinets offers you new possibilities, but it is not a cheap option. According to current market trends, the price of a standard full kitchen renovation costs around $50,000. Of course, various factors will affect that price.

Reface or Door Replacement.

Refacing your cabinets involves completely replacing the existing cabinet doors, fixtures and visible surfaces with a new face or veneer. Some cabinet refacing projects can take as long as five days, and that’s not even including the week or more it can take to order the doors and veneers. This works well for homeowners who want a new shape for their cabinet doors and drawers but don’t have plans to change the existing kitchen cabinet layout.

If you plan to reface your cabinets, you can expect to pay somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. The final cost will ultimately depend on the size of your kitchen and the various options you choose.

The Stages of the N-Hance Refinishing Process:

Step 1: Prep & Detail

  • After consultation and being certain of your desires for your cabinets, we get to work.
  • Preparation of the job site is accomplished by masking and draping the work area to protect your property.
  • We remove knobs and other hardware
  • If needed, we will patch and fill any cracks and gaps in the wood to make it look new again.

Step 2: Cleaning

  • Here we remove dust and debris on and around the cabinets. We use our unique cleaning solution to clean the surfaces.
  • Our cleaning draws dirt out of the porous wood
  • To ensure the area is completely dust-free, we remove and clean air vents

Step 3: Apply Finish

  • We “remove the grain raise”, which simply means making the wood smoother, and remove contaminates.
  • Sealer is applied
  • For a color change, we spray 3 to 5 coats of stain on each piece. (With color shift jobs, color coats are applied by hand.)
  • Cabinets are then dried (often with a fan).
  • We polish the cabinets before adding a finish. This is also known as burnishing.Here we remove dust and debris on and around the cabinets. We use our unique cleaning solution to clean the surfaces.

Step 4: Add Protective Finish

  • A clear coat is applied to protect the stain from rubbing off in the future
  • After a short dry time, a second coat is applied.
  • We then use our Lightspeed technology to instantly cure the finish. We “remove the grain raise”, which simply means making the wood smoother, and remove contaminates.

Step 5: Inspection

  • We want you to be happy with the results!
  • We inspect every piece and place it all back together. We wait for your inspection and okay to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • N-Hance of Chicago has a full customer satisfaction guarantee!

Step 6: In-Home Maintenance

  • When your cabinet renewal is complete, we will leave you with care instructions. Every service includes a maintenance kit with more instructions and tools to care for your newly renewed cabinets.

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Cabinet Making and Carpentry

We have experienced Cabinet Makers on staff that can also provide various hardware, hinges, rollouts, crown molding, and other add-ons. Need to add a few cabinets? We can do that. Want to make a few of the doors have glass fronts? We can do that. Let us help you create the look you desire! N-Hance’s services offer efficiency, effectiveness, and economy unparalleled in the market. By choosing a refinishing or door replacement option many customers end up with funds to provide other kitchen upgrades such as new countertops, backsplashes or appliances.

Quality & Durability You Dream Of. Price & Convenience You Desire.


Refresh Your Cabinets

Need to simply tune-up and renew the look of your existing kitchen cabinets? With our classic refinishing in Chicago, you can restore the luster of your cabinets, while preserving the existing tone and grain of your cabinets. We use a patented and sandless renewal technique to degrease, clean, and restore your cabinets’ existing finish. Our durable, beautiful finish allows us to refresh your cabinets quickly and affordably. Check out this video to see just how the process works:

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