If you’re preparing for a kitchen remodel that entails refacing or painting your cabinets, the prospect of having to pack up your kitchen might seem daunting. To allow the professionals to work on your cabinets, you’ll need to clear them out and declutter the counters and the rest of the kitchen. Recognizing that it can be a bit overwhelming, we’ve compiled our top tips to simplify the kitchen cabinet painting preparation process.

#1 Figure Out Storage

You may not be aware of just how much your kitchen cabinets are storing. To facilitate the process of moving everything back, it’s crucial to maintain organization as you relocate items and have a designated storage area for everything. Whether it’s your basement or dining room table, locate a suitable storage space where all of your kitchen belongings can remain.

#2 Plan on Paper and Plastic

While some individuals intend to continue using their dishes as usual, it can be quite inconvenient to use dishes that aren’t readily available in the kitchen. It’s advisable to opt for paper plates and plastic utensils during this period instead. Doing so will alleviate a significant amount of stress.

#3 Purchase Moving Supplies

Although you’re not physically relocating, your dishes are. To prevent your fragile ceramic, glass, or other delicate dishes from breaking during transportation, it’s essential to have the appropriate supplies on hand. Take a moment to wrap fragile items and pack everything meticulously.

#4 Keep Your Silverware Organized

To avoid the hassle of removing and repositioning all of your silverware, you can opt to lift the silverware drawer organizer out of the drawer entirely. You may wrap it in plastic wrap to maintain the position of all items until it’s time to put them back in place.

#5 Use Space Wisely

Kitchens frequently contain numerous items that can be utilized as storage for other belongings during the packing process. For example, you may fill your slow cooker with utensils or employ a large bowl to store spice jars. This approach will assist you in conserving space in your interim storage and simplifying the relocation of your belongings.

#6 Don’t Forget Your Countertops

Countertops frequently house more sizable objects that are frequently utilized, such as a coffee maker or air fryer. It’s essential to devise a strategy for these items to ensure that they remain usable even when the remainder of the kitchen is unavailable.

#7 Clear the Floors

Even though you may not be redoing your floors, you will want to clear them off. Remove rugs and mats from the kitchen and make sure that there is a clear path from the door to the area being renovated for the crew to use. 

#8 Set Up A Temporary Kitchen

Unless you plan to dine out for every meal, you will want to set up a temporary place to prepare food. Try to plan simple meals that only use one appliance, like a grill (if it’s warm out) or a slow cooker to make meal prep easier and less messy. Also set up an area to wash any essential dishes, like the bathroom sink. 

Get Expert Help with Painting Kitchen Cabinets 

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