Custom Color Cabinet Refinishing

N-hance Cabinet Refinishing Knows Color!

Give your kitchen or bathroom a dramatic new look with our custom color cabinet refinishing service!

While our classic process is excellent for renewing the original warmth of finished wood, we are also able to incorporate custom color changes to achieve even more unique results! The expensive method of replacement is no longer the only way to get amazing, factory-like colored cabinets.

Our refinishing process increases the life of your cabinets with fresh wood sealer and proper surface prep. With our patented N-hance Wood Refinishing process, your cabinets will have a higher quality appearance and longer lifespan than traditional methods- such as cabinet painting.

We service Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas.

Custom Color Cabinet Refinishing

  • N-Hance Wood Refinishing can breathe life into your kitchen and bathroom and rejuvenate your home by revitalizing dull and outdated cabinets.
  • Save time and money by refinishing versus replacing your kitchen and vanity cabinets: no plumbers, electricians, or contractors needed!
  • N-Hance Wood Refinishing upgrades your home without the costs and time consuming efforts that go into most remodeling projects.

When you choose to refinish over replace, you extend the life of your cabinets, update their color, and renew their original luster. Giving your kitchen or bathroom a dream makeover is now a reality!

So what is the N-hance of the Triad refinishing method? 

In summary, its a 6-7 step method (depending on the project) that has been developed over decades to provide durable, high-quality, factory-like results with little dust, odor, and inconvenience to the customer.

  1. Degrease and thoroughly clean surfaces to be refinished
  2. Neutralize the wood surfaces
  3. Seal all wood surfaces
  4. Apply priming product
  5. Apply color -or- correct existing color
  6. Apply proprietary UV finish
  7. Scan surfaces with UV light to cure

Why/how is it better than paint?

Backed by a research and development team, N-Hance Wood Refinishing provides a quality of service that exceeds the competition. Why? Because refinishing is better than painting, with durability and precision that cannot be matched with paint and primer.

  • Painted cabinets are known to chip, peel, and wear extremely quickly.
  • Cabinet painters also tend to use oil-based paint products that have harmful levels of VOC and harsh fumes.
  • Our process uses safe, low-VOC proprietary products from start to completion, allows the customer use of their kitchen and bath throughout the project
  • Our services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and multi-year warranty.

With the N-Hance method, cabinets are refinished to a factory standard and appear brand new!

Why Choose N-Hance?

Custom Color Refinishing – Warm Maple to Soft White

Triad Wood Renewal is an independently owned and operated franchise of N-Hance Wood Refinishing. That means that the service and professional we provide are clients is that of a small business: easy, safe, local, and affordable. We service Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Winston-Salem, Burlington, and the surrounding areas. We have the backing of a well-developed research and development sector of a franchise. When we complete a service, you can rest easy knowing that the trial and error phase has been left at the lab. The results you can expect are: reliable technicians, a quality customer service team to handle your project from day 0 to completion, and a kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

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