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Cabinet Door ReplacementCabinet Refacing – Cabinet Door and Drawer Replacement

We love making your existing cabinetry shine! However, often times a customer desires something radically new without breaking the bank. Full cabinet replacement can easily reach 10’s of thousands of dollars!

N-hance of the Triad offers an affordable option to achieve your kitchen cabinet dreams: cabinet refacing with door and drawer replacement. We service Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Traditionally, kitchen cabinet refacing encompasses applying wood veneers (skins) to the cabinet frames and replaces the doors and drawers. N-hance of the Triad makes it even easier!

We bypass the application of frame skins. Instead, we use our patented custom color cabinet refinishing process on your frames.

We then use real, raw wood (of your choosing) to replace your doors and drawers. We then finish with the color and protective sheen of your choice.

How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

  • Cabinet layout sizing is based on the number of doors and drawers: “openings”.
  • An average kitchen will have approx. 30-40 openings.
  • Full remodels, including layout changes and new cabinet units, can easily reach $20,000-$30,000.
  • Traditional cabinet refacing, can climb to $10,000-$15,000.
  • N-Hance of the Triad can customize your doors, drawers, and color for less than $10,000!

What design should I choose for door replacement?

We try to match the species of your cabinet frames when selecting your new door and drawer front profiles. However, the style of the door is determined by your end goal.

Not only do we have access to over 18 different wood species, including: maple, oak, cherry, alder, and more; N-Hance of the Triad also offers nearly endless options for door profiles designs. Below are some excellent examples of the unique styles we can provide but there are dozens more!

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing/Door Replacement?

Most cabinet frames (boxes) are made of real, solid plywood but a lot of side panels and doors are made of composite wood material to allow cabinet manufacturers and customers to save money.

Years down the road- sometimes just months- the doors begin to chip and fall apart. In other cases, the kitchen cabinets are simply aged and out of date, not able to keep up with trends.

From old-school, raised arch profiles to knotty pine and belt strap hinges, we’ve seen it all!

What to Expect with Our Cabinet Door Replacement Service

We can replace your existing cabinet doors with solid wood of any species and in any profile style you’d like! From Shaker to Slab, from Maple to Cherry, or something totally customized, we can transform your kitchen without the hassle and cost of new cabinets.

In most cases, we are in and out in 3-5 days and you can use your kitchen during most of that time! No counter tops or fixtures to remove and put back, no emptying of cabinets and drawers required, and no odor or dust!

We ensure the protection of your appliances, dishes, and fixtures without having to move them and the process can be done with pets and kids still in the home.

Why Choose N-Hance?

Triad Wood Renewal is an independently owned and operated franchise of N-Hance Wood Refinishing- doing business as N-Hance of the Triad.

That means that the service and professionalism we provide are clients is that of a small business: easy, safe, local, and affordable. We service Greensboro, High Point, Jamestown, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas.

As an operator of a national franchise, we also have the backing of a well-developed research and development team. When we complete a service, you can rest easy knowing that the trial and error phase has been left at the lab.

The results you can expect are: reliable technicians, a quality customer service team to handle your project from day 0 to completion, and a kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

We use proprietary, low VOC products, professional cabinet tools and precision sprayers to get the job done right! We ensure quality that is durable and designed to last years! The N-Hance method is a franchise created method, unique to N-Hance, researched and developed for years, still being adjusted for quality control today, and not available through any other company. 

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