Cabinet Refinishing in Tulsa

Choosing the Right Cabinet Solution

Don’t Replace. Don’t Reface – Renew with N-Hance of Tulsa.

Upgrade your cabinets from faded to fresh. If your cabinets are starting to lose their luster, or if your kitchen needs a breath of fresh air, we can gently restore and revitalize the look of your timber. For homeowners in Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, or Jenks, cabinet refinishing from N-Hance® of Tulsa is a perfect alternative to the odors, timelines, and high cost of a traditional remodel.


N-Hance of Tulsa Cabinet Renewal Options.

before and after cabinet refinishing in Tulsa kitchen


Classic Cabinet Refinishing in Tulsa

Our Classic Cabinet Refinishing from N-Hance of Tulsa brightens and restores the beautiful look of your cabinets without altering their color. A new finish is applied, giving your cabinets a glossy new appearance without compromising their original style or color. Our refinishing is quickly completed within 1 day or 2. It’s so convenient that you can leave items in drawers without risk of getting dust or residue on them.


before and after cabinet color shift in Tulsa kitchen


Color Shift

Color Shift is an easy way to bring new life and color to your cabinets. For cabinetry that are sun-damaged, yellowing, or otherwise worn, this job gently deepens the tone of the wood. As with our Classic Cabinet Refinishing, previous coatings and grime will be removed, and small scuffs and scars will be repaired. This refinishing is a great way to bring warmth to your Tulsa kitchen while maintaining the original wood grain. This job can be quickly completed within 2-3 days.


kitchen cabinet color change in Tulsa kitchen


Color Change

If you want a bold new look to your kitchen, a Color Change gives your cabinets a stylish upgrade without the steep price tag of a complete renovation. When you choose a Color Change from N-Hance of Tulsa, you have the option of changing the wood stain and finish of your cabinetry from a full menu of options, from a lovely golden oak to deep walnut. This job can be easily completed within 3 to 5 days.


kitchen cabinet with opaque finish in Tulsa kitchen


Opaque Finish

Opaque Finish is a perfect option if you want to completely alter your cabinets with a splashy new color. In Tulsa, our cabinet refinishing experts offer a wide selection of Custom Colors. Whether you want chic, all-white cabinetry or a sophisticated blue-gray, we have hundreds of colors that will preserve your stunning wood grain while bringing your kitchen to life.

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