Cabinet Painting Wrightsboro, North Carolina

If you live near Wrightsboro and are looking for the best professional cabinet painter, you should contact N-Hance Wilmington. When you think of painting your cabinet here in Wrightsboro do you think of using a brush? Using a brush can take a long time and give you poor results.

There are often noticble brush strokes in the finish unlike when you spray with a paint sprayer. If you want the fastest approach that leaves a factory-like finish, you will want to use a sprayer. Both the front and back of the cabinet doors and drawers can be painted quickly.

Plus it gives you consistent-looking results without any paintbrush strokes or paints drips from rollers. If you spray your cabinets you need to prep by taking your doors and drawers into an outside area or shop, and masking and draping off the project site to protect floors, counters, and other areas.

If you’ve never operated an air sprayer before, hire a professional cabinet painted to work on your kitchen cabinets. If not, you can expect a lot of drips, runs, over-spraying, under-spraying. You will have messy, inconsistent-looking results. If you want to avoid the frustration of painting your cabinets, hire a professional like N-Hance Wilmington. Your project will be done quickly and with the professional results, you expect.

N-Hance Wilmington cleans your cabinets with a proprietary solution that ensures all the dirt, wax, grease, and other build-up is removed. This provides a completely clean surface for our team to paint your cabinets professionally. N-Hance Wilmington will prime with a primer that works on cabinets. While many cabinet painters use primers made for walls, N-Hance Wilmington helps elminate bleed-through.

N-Hance Wilmington then applies the color of you choice, and then add our top-coat that is UV to protect your cabinets for years to come. This UV topcoat is immediately cured and allows you to use your kitchen right after we are done. If you live near Wrightsboro and are ready for an estimate to have your cabinets professionally painted, call N-Hance Wilmington at (910) 541-1633 for a FREE estimate, or fill out our form at

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