N-Hance of the Triad – Cabinet Refinishing Cost Reference

One of the most popular search queries: “what is the cost of nhance?” Your question, answered.

When we price each job, there are a number of factors that effect price. We’ve published this as a reference for your budget and financial planning needs. We hope this helps determine if refinishing your cabinets or floors is something you can take advantage of for your home!

Price ranges are broken down by service category and number of “openings”. “Openings” include drawer fronts and cabinet doors.

Classic Cabinet Refinishing Renewal

Classic Cabinet Refinishing

Rejuvenate your home by revitalizing dull and outdated cabinets with classic cabinet refinishing.

<30 openings – $2,500+
30-40 openings – $3,500+
40+ openings – $4,500+

Custom Color Refinishing

Give your kitchen or bathroom a dramatic new look with our custom color cabinet refinishing service!

<30 openings – $3,750+
30-40 openings – $4,750+
40+ openings – $5,750+

Cabinet Door Replacement

Door Replacement/ Refacing

An affordable option to achieve your kitchen cabinet dreams: cabinet refacing with cabinet door and drawer replacement.

<30 openings – $6,000+
30-40 openings – $7,500+
40+ openings – $8000+

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When we complete a service, you can rest easy knowing that the trial and error phase has been left at the lab. The results you can expect are: reliable technicians, a quality customer service team to handle your project from day 0 to completion, and a kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

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