Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re interested in painting your cabinets, but can’t decide on a color, consider choosing two and going with two tone kitchen cabinets.

One way to achieve this look is to paint the base cabinets one color and the upper cabinets another. Alternatively, you can paint your center island or an accent wall of cabinets one bright or bold color, and complement this boldness with a subtle, neutral hue. This allows you to infuse color into your kitchen in a unique way, create visual interest, and add depth and sophistication.

Why Choose Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets?

When you opt for two tone kitchen cabinets, you’ll have more freedom to express yourself creatively in your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a bold aesthetic or a more refined one, you can:

Add eye-catching pops of color.

Love emerald green or sapphire blue cabinets, but not for your whole kitchen? Then paint a wall of cabinets or your kitchen island the vibrant color you love and opt for white or another neutral for the remaining cabinets. This adds charm and dimension without overwhelming your kitchen with one bold color.

Mix hardwood and paint color.

If you love your hardwood cabinets, but adore the painted look too, you can get both when you paint your kitchen cabinets in two tones. 

For instance, if your hardwood is dark, keep your base cabinets the original wood, while painting your upper cabinets white, light gray, greige, or off-white to offset them and create a refined look.

If your hardwood is lighter, opt for a warmer, richer color like sage green or warm white.

Contrast light and dark.

Another advantage of painting your kitchen cabinets two tones is that you can contrast dark and light. This is a great choice if your kitchen is smaller, but you love darker colors.

If you paint all your cabinets a deeper hue, the space will seem smaller. However, by painting your base cabinets or kitchen island espresso or black, for instance, and the rest a light color, you can get the best of both worlds: the dark color you love with the lighter color making the space seem larger.

Create a unique focal point.

When you paint the kitchen island or an accent wall of cabinets an unexpected color, it creates a focal point for the room. This anchors the space and gives your kitchen a professionally inspired and designed look.

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