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Cabinet Opaque Finishes

Choosing the Right Cabinet Solution

Don’t Replace, Don’t Reface – Renew with N-Hance.

123If you’ve had your wood cabinets for years and want to restore their original life and luster then N-Hance is an option for you. N-Hance is the most affordable and usually the quickest way to bring life back into dreary looking cabinets.
An older, well-worn set of cabinets may appear to be in such bad condition that they need to be completely replaced or sanded down and refaced. But unless you want a completely different layout, N-Hance may be the right solution.

N-Hance Cabinet Renewal Options.

Basic Renewal

Basic Renewal

The Basic Cabinet Renewal job requires no color shift or color change and like the classic floor job, has minimal wear on the wood surface. Grease and dirt are easily removed and touch-up is performed quickly and timely. You will really love the convenience, along with the shine and luster this service will bring to your tired cabinets. Items can be left in the cabinets and drawers without interfering with the work. Most basic jobs are completed in one day, which is both economic and convenient.

Color Shift

Color Shift

The cabinet Color Shift slightly warms the tone of the wood without covering the wood grain. Color Shifts are generally performed to remove the yellowing look wood gets from aged oil based finishes. This is a great if you want a little darker tone to your cabinets. This option can really warm up a kitchen and give it a new look. The Color Shift is a great service to restore any sun-faded areas. This service typically takes 2-3 days to complete.

Color Change

Color Change

The complete Color Change on cabinets involves a much more dramatic effect. Often the change will involve going from a golden oak or whitewash finish to a cherry, walnut or black tone. Simply select any sample cabinet color or finish style in the Design Center and N-Hance can generally match it. A Color Change takes 3-5 days to complete.

Opaque Finish

Opaque Finish

Our line of Opaque Cabinet Finishes saturate the wood with rich, beautiful color while allowing the natural beauty of the grain to remain visible. Opaque Finishes can give you the trendy white or colored kitchen cabinets you’ve wanted, with the same durability and quality you’d expect from any N-Hance finish.


  1. cindy einspahr on August 11, 2015 Reply

    I would like to do a opaque finish in vitage color and I want a old rustic look. not sure which one and can you send me photos thanks Cindy
    Glazed: Charming cottage-style look, random distressing, hang-ups in corners
    Antiqued: Creates an aged or worn look to your cabinets
    Burnished: Adds distressed details and over-sanded areas
    Vintage: Adds sanded edges to reveal wood grain, giving you a vintage look

    • It would be best if we had our local N-Hance operator contact you. Where are you located? If you call 855-642-6230 we can have them contact you and send you pictures!

  2. patti quinn on August 13, 2015 Reply

    I would like to get information on cost.

    • Where are you located? We can get a local business owner to contact you. If you call 855-642-6230 you can have a FREE in-home estimate to know the cost.

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