Cabinet Painters

Are you looking to update your kitchen cabinets and add a little color to your home? At N-Hance we specialize in refinishing kitchen cabinets. With our limitless color options and expert technicians, in a matter of days we can give your kitchen a new look that matches your style.

opaque_featuredWhy choose N-Hance?

Many professional cabinet painters apply a layer or two of paint to change the color and call it a day. N-Hance’s process, on the other hand, does more than just cover up an old look with a new one. N-Hance thoroughly cleans and primes the cabinets, ensuring the best adhesive surface. We apply the color and top coat, which are cured using ultraviolet light with our Lightspeed® Nano process, allowing for immediate use and top-quality durability.

N-Hance offers a wide variety of colors to choose from, as well as finishing techniques, so you can customize the final product to match your own style with a long-lasting, well-protected finish.

Color Options


Many kitchen cabinet painters offer a variety of colors, but N-Hance offers hundreds of different options, so you can find the perfect color to match your own style. If that seems overwhelming to you, we are more than happy to help you choose the color that best fits your kitchen. Before we refinish your cabinets, we will walk you through each step of the process and make sure that you are perfectly satisfied with your selection.

Distressed Door ImageFinishing Techniques

N-Hance goes beyond traditional cabinet painting services by also offering a variety of different finishing techniques, each of which presents its own distinct look:

  • Glazed
  • Antiqued
  • Shadowing
  • And More…

How long does it take?

N-Hance’s Custom Color process is much more than your typical kitchen cabinet painting job, but that doesn’t mean it takes longer. We can take your cabinets from a pale, oak finish or a whitewash to a rich, raw umber or any color you can imagine in a matter of days. While many cabinet painters can take over a week to finish their work and let the cabinets dry, our Lightspeed® Nano process reduces the drying time and can have your entire kitchen completed in less than a day!





Common Questions

How does your process differ from standard cabinet painting services?

N-Hance has worked for years to perfect the cabinet color changing process. While many traditional cabinet painting services will use paint that is designed for walls or even wood surfaces on the exterior of your home, we use proprietary, state-of-the-art products that have been designed specifically for cabinets inside of your home. We treat your cabinets with the care and attention you would want.

To ensure that no mistakes are made, N-Hance follows a specific process:


  • Clean the Cabinets. Before we do anything, N-Hance uses a proprietary cleaning process to clean your cabinets and remove oils, grease, grime, waxes and other particles that may have accumulated, as well as loose layers of old finish. This gives us a fresh canvas to work with.
  • Prep and Seal. At this point, N-Hance prepares and seals the cabinet, neutralizing the wood’s pH levels. This step is important to make sure that the primer and color bond to the wood properly.
  • Apply Primer. Our primer blocks tanning and stains on the wood from bleeding through and marring the surface after the process is complete.
  • Apply Custom Color. We only provide the best. That’s why we use our own acrylic polyurethane blend, as opposed to basic latex paint. We apply several coats to your cabinet to make the finish durable against bumps, scratches, and other physical wear. This process is similar to the process used in factories when manufacturing new cabinets.
  • Apply Lightspeed® Nano. N-Hance uses a proprietary top coat that is cured using ultraviolet light. This finish dries quickly, meaning you don’t have to wait to use your cabinets again! Lightspeed® Nano also contains an antimicrobial property that decreases bacteria growth by 99%, keeping your home and family healthy.

Should I replace my cabinets or call N-Hance?

In all likelihood, your cabinets are still in good physical shape, so why go to the hassle and expense of replacing them? Refinishing your cabinets with N-Hance offers just as dramatic a change in the look of your cabinets without taking as much time or money. You can use your existing cabinets and give them a new look for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost!

What other services does N-Hance provide?

In addition to N-Hance’s Custom Color service, we offer several other options for cabinet refinishing and cabinet renewal (compare our refinishing service to traditional cabinet refacing). Our Cabinet Color Shift can be used for more subtle changes in color without covering the wood grain. A color shift is useful for counteracting the natural yellowing in wood with aged oil-based finishes. It allows you to go to a darker stain while still preserving the wood’s natural look.

We also offer Cabinet Renewal with no color shift or change at all. Instead, N-Hance will simply remove grease and dirt from the cabinet surfaces, repair any damages and then apply a fresh coat of finish and top coat resulting in making them look like new again.

N-Hance also offers a wide range of treatments for your hardwood floors, including our Basic Floor Renewal, Hammered Floor Renewal, and even treatments for floors that cannot be sanded, including cork, bamboo, some floors that have been engineered, and more. Because our floor treatment process does not generally go down to the level of the grain, we can refinish all of these types of floor.

What is Lightspeed® Nano

Lightspeed® Nano is N-Hance’s proprietary process for refinishing your cabinets, luxury vinyl tile, and hardwood floors. It has little to no odor, it’s non-toxic, and it’s remarkably durable. Not only that, because of its quick drying properties, it allows us to complete most jobs in half the time it would take other professional cabinet painters!

Because each coat of paint can take hours, or even overnight, to dry, other cabinet painting companies can sometimes take a week or longer to complete a simple job. With N-Hance’s Lightspeed® Nano process, we can complete some jobs in as little as a day.

Lightspeed® Nano is available in matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens, and it cures immediately with our UV light. This means that when we leave, your floors and cabinets are already completely dried and cured and ready for use.

Lightspeed Plus™ is an anti-microbial UV finish. With this exceptional finish, we are able to reduce bacteria growth by 99 percent, keeping microbes like E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and other bacteria from growing in your home. In addition, it is our highest-rated finish for hardness, meaning it will stand up to more wear. Plus, it’s safe for your family and pets!

What about cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing can be expensive and lead to excessive waste, and it’s usually unnecessary. If all you are looking for is a fresh, new look for your cabinets, then there is no need to throw away your perfectly good cabinet doors or invest in subpar cabinet painting services. Hiring N-Hance to refinish your cabinets is a simpler way to make your cabinets look beautiful for years.

How do I contact my local N-Hance?

We have N-Hance locations all around the country, so find the one closest to you by using the search tool at the top of the page. Click the button that says “Search For Local N-Hance.” This will bring up a box where you can fill in your home address. When you do so, it will provide you with a phone number that you can call to immediately get in touch with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!