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Cabinet Refacing & Cabinet Refinishing, We Do Both.

Is your kitchen ready for an update? Are you considering a total cabinet replacement? If your cabinet boxes are still in good shape, check out N-Hance cabinet refacing in Smyrna first! Cabinet refacing will not only make your cabinets look brand new, but it will also save you a significant amount of money. When you choose cabinet refacing, our N-Hance professionals will swap out your outdated cabinet doors and drawer fronts for more modern-looking doors of your choosing. Then they will refinish your cabinet boxes to match the new doors, creating a stunning, seamless look of new cabinets without the hassle or cost.

Here at N-Hance of North Atlanta, we offer a wide variety of door faces, edge profiles, and cabinet hardware so you can customize the style of your cabinets to your exact specifications. We’re sure you’ll love the look of your cabinets after N-Hance cabinet refacing in Smyrna, GA.

Traditional Cabinet Refacing Our Process
Average completion time 3-5 days 1-3 days (~5 days for custom colors)
Grease/dirt removal Yes Yes
Works with existing cabinet doors No Yes
Moisture resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Heat resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Scratch resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Impact resistant Dependent on provider Yes
Average cost $10,000+ ⅓ traditional costs

What Makes N-Hance’s Process Superior to Traditional Cabinet Refacing?

The traditional way to reface your cabinets involves applying a new thin piece of wood directly over your existing cabinet frames. Rather than doing that, we will refinish the existing frames to match the new doors that we install. This will save you thousands of dollars and look perfect when done.

We are refacing without adding to the frames and the end result will be every bit as good, even better, than a traditional reface because sometimes the “veneer” that other companies apply will peel off. Our product will not do that!

Faster & More Affordable Way To An Updated Kitchen

If you plan to reface your cabinets, you can expect to pay somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. The final cost will ultimately depend on the size of your kitchen and the various options you choose. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing service in Smyrna is 1/3 of the cost of refacing your cabinets.

Refresh your current finish, go for a deeper color, or change the look of your cabinets completely. The complete process takes place in your home and does not require the removal of your cabinets.

Thanks to our comprehensive research and development, we possess preparation & finishing methods that give our projects optimal effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. We are able to provide durable, factory-style finishes, and have thousands of color options to choose from!

See what our customers are saying:

“We hired Jason’s team to fix a very bad kitchen cabinet paint job done the month before. It was so bad that this team had to start all over beginning to end. They finished the work in five days and my cabinets look brand new! David and Dee are exceptional representatives of this N-Hance team. They kept me informed of their arrival and departure times to my house and texted me a summary of the work done each day. I felt completely comfortable in giving them a key to the house. Great clean up after the job. They were very particular about details and made sure all our new cabinet handles were aligned and the doors re-hung perfectly. I recommend this particular N-Hance team without hesitation. I will use them again.”

Lesli O., ★★★★★

“The quality of the work by N Hance is incredible. Each one of the techs, from the painter to the carpenter, seemed to take pride in making sure every detail was correct. I highly recommend checking out N Hance of North Atlanta for your kitchen project.”

James W., ★★★★★

“I can’t be more pleased with the results of my kitchen cabinet door replacements! Jason and his team at N-Hance of North Atlanta were friendly, fast and professional. Their attention to detail and care for the quality of their work was remarkable! I like the results so much I’m going to get them to update my bathroom cabinets too!”

David D., ★★★★★

“The whole team at N-Hance was fantastic and great to work with. It starts from the top down with Jason the owner. He walked me through his showroom and went over options and things to think about when updating our kitchen. The project estimator Josh who came to the house, took detailed pictures and used great technology to go over pricing and numbers. Very educational. “D” and his crew did a phenomenal job on the actual work. Very detail-oriented and did an amazing job. Our expectations were high and they exceeded them!!!”

Scott L., ★★★★★

“Wow. What a great transformation by N-Hance of North Atlanta. They took our red cabinets and professionally reconditioned them to a gray color. They did an exceptional job of masking areas that were to be protected from paint. They took extreme attention to details. And completed everything in a timely manner as promised. We could not be more pleased with the results.”

Darden C., ★★★★★

“I was impressed with N-Hance from start to finish. Their use of technology, fast communication, scheduling, and expert work was unlike any contractor. Other parts of my remodel project have been a complete nightmare, but N-Hance was a dream to work with. Highly recommend! If I had another kitchen I’d call them again.”

The Kennedy, ★★★★★

N-Hance of North Atlanta – Serving Smyrna, GA

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before cabinet refacing in smyrna ga


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Wood Refinishing – Done Right

See this kitchen in Northern Atlanta before we refinished it, the process, and the finished results! A goal of ours is to provide you with real footage of our work. Our team members are trained and always pay attention to the details. Let our team give you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!

Cabinet Door Replacement in Smyrna

Choose your door style, wood color, material, hardware, and more. With thousands of combinations, you can get exactly the cabinets you’ve been dreaming of. N-Hance of North Atlanta is the faster and more affordable way to an updated kitchen!

cabinet door refacing in smyrna ga
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