What is Cabinet Door Replacement or Refacing?

Cabinet Door Replacement from N-Hance Paramus, or what others might refer to as refacing is a convenient way to give your kitchen a makeover in a fraction of the time and cost it would take for a full remodel. N-Hance Paramus can replace your cabinet door and drawer fronts and give you your dream kitchen with minimal disruption to your home life.

Cabinet Door Replacement (or refacing) is an easy way to get a cabinet makeover and is an excellent choice if you like the layout of your kitchen or even your bathroom vanity. Cabinet Door Replacement from N-Hance Paramus takes less time than if you have to replace your cabinets and countertops. Plus it is less messy than the demo from ripping out all of your cabinets.

With Cabinet Door Replacement from N-Hance Paramus, the cabinet boxes remain intact. New cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be installed in any color you pick. Your cabinet boxes are professionally color matched to your doors and drawers. N-Hance Paramus applies a clear, durable top-coat to your cabinet doors, drawers and boxes that reduces bacteria growth on your cabinets by 99%*. 

Many homeowners often ask us if new hinges, knobs and pulls can also be installed. Not only can they do this, some homeowners choose to replace their countertops, tile backsplashes, lighting and even appliances with the money they save over a complete remodel when using N-Hance Paramus instead!

To get a quote from N-Hance Paramus, please give us a call at 201-612-9663 so we can have you send us photos of your kitchen and give you a bid today! 

*Based on results from an independent lab using Lightspeed Plus™ anti-microbial U.V. finish.