This is Part 2 of the Cabinet Painting Questions blog post. We cover questions on updating your kitchen cabinets on a budget, but with quality. You can read the previous blog post here on our blog.

Is it important to sand your cabinets before you paint?

It is very important to prepare the cabinets to accept paint and finish. It helps eliminate any scratches or imperfections, but also preps the cabinets so the primer, paint and topcoat better adheres to the surface. 

What are the color trends for cabinets, and how do I pick a color with so many options?

Deciding on which cabinet paint color is often the hardest decision to make in the painting process. You’ll want a color that complements your existing floors, counters, and backsplash. It doesn’t have to match, but it needs to look like it belongs. If you want your kitchen to seem bigger than a light color is what you are looking for. A nice white 

Is cabinet painting a weekend job?

Unfortunately painting your kitchen cabinets is not a weekend job. To properly paint kitchen cabinets professionals take on average a week. Larger kitchens can even take longer.  Professional cabinet painters are trained to paint cabinets in the most efficient way. If you decide to paint on your own, you’ll want to plan for several weeks or even months. The worst thing you can do is rush painting your cabinets.

Should I hire a professional to paint my cabinets?

N-Hance Paramus always recommends hiring a professional cabinet painter. N-Hance Paramus will get the project done faster, and you will have a more durable result. It does cost more out of pocket, but the end result is worth it. You will have kitchen cabinets you love and a whole new look.

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