Color is something that sets a whole mood, and something that can transform a whole look. When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting this applies. When it comes time to choose the right color, the decision can be overwhelming considering the amount of time spent in a kitchen and how often they are seen with your own eyes. You want to spend time in an area that makes you happy, and choosing just the right color can help with that.

Truly, you should not stress over choosing your cabinet colors. With these 6 tips it becomes an easy experience and goes from something that can be stressful, to a fun experience. All in all, the choices are endless and your decision, but if you are looking for advice, this is for you.

Tip One: Choose Colors That Enhance the Size and Look

First off, iIf you are working with a smaller sized kitchen or one that doesn’t bring in much natural light, a dark wooden or dark colored cabinet will tighten the space and make it appear small. Light cabinets would be much more fitting in a small space with few windows. Opting for a light lavender color or light green could be a fun touch if you want to be bold, but keep the illusion of a larger space.

If you have a large and well-lit kitchen, then a darker color can certainly enhance it and be attractive to the eye. Always keep in mind the space you are working with. N-Hance Paramus can help you with this!

Tip Two: Fit the Color to the Specific Style 

When you’re choosing a new color of cabinets for your kitchen or whatever space you’re doing you might have one specific color in mind, but does that color match the kind of cabinet you have? This question must be asked when finding the perfect color. 

For example, if the fronts of the cabinet are more modern in design, a beige or brown might not fit the general aesthetic. Rather pick something fun and bright like a bright accent color or a light grey. These colors would really accentuate the modern look. 

This can go all ways, if it’s a vintage cabinet, a vintage color will probably be more pleasing on the eyes, etc. If you are unsure of what you want, N-Hance Paramus can you decide.

Tip Three: Include All Factors

Is this a kitchen redo? Are you just redoing your cabinets? If you are redoing a whole area or starting from a fresh home, the opportunities are endless. On the contrary when it comes to just redoing your cabinets, other factors are there. Many things should be taken into account, countertop colors, flooring colors, appliances, etc.

Another often forgotten element that’s important to consider is lighting. For instance, is there a lot of natural light? Do you have recessed lighting or track lighting? These things can make a difference.

Bringing in samples to your home is a great tip to see if the colors you are deciding on goes with these other small factors. Talk with N-Hance Paramus to get an idea on how everything can work together.

Tip Four: Be Bold 

Go big or go home is a saying that definitely can go with cabinet color choosing. There is no shame in wanting an exciting color combo to fit your extravagant lifestyle.

Ensure when you’re choosing paint colors for your cabinets, one is that from the neutral scheme. Something like a cream and red combo or a cream and yellow combo are things that could really make a home pop, while not changing the price much. 

Tip Five: Consider the Other Options

If you already have wood cabinets that are high-quality and you don’t want to let them go but they are scratched, or have other imperfections why not entertain the idea of staining rather than painting. This take after will allow the earthy natural wooden look to shine, all while upgrading the overall look. With staining, there are lots of options to decide from. From warm gray to soft green to a more natural wood tone, the opportunities are endless and exciting. N-Hance Paramus can help you decide!

Tip Six: Finish the Job

Although colors are the main focus point of these tips, the color would not be complete without the right finish. A distressed or antiqued finish can create an old unpleasant look especially on such a fresh new color, which is something that should be avoided. Torched finishing, on the other hand, creates depth. There are many finishes that can be done, but always check it fits with the color and style you choose.

When it comes to cabinet painting, there are endless options and decisions to make. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the process, turn to the experts at N-Hance Paramus. You can work with our design team to receive samples, learn about options, colors, and styles available.

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