cabinet refinishing catawba county

Cabinets are the key piece to any kitchen design!  Picking the style that is best for your space is super important.  There are so many options and combinations to choose from, and at times it can feel like an impossible decision.  

N-Hance of Statesville is here to help you sort through your options and create the kitchen of your dreams.  If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, refinishing your kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in updating your space.

As the leader of kitchen cabinet refinishing in Catawba County, we often get asked about what color will look best in a particular space.  Picking between light or dark stains or paint colors can be difficult for lots of homeowners, but lucky for you, we have a couple of simple tips to help make the process easier.  Let’s get into it! 

Picking The Best Cabinet Color 

The first step is to take into consideration the amount of space you are working with in your kitchen.  This is an important element of the decision-making process.

Dark cabinets tend to create a more moody, cozy, classic feel.  It can be a beautiful choice in larger kitchens, but dark cabinets can sometimes make smaller spaces feel even smaller.

On the other hand, light cabinets create a clean, bright look that can also be a beneficial visual trick in small or dark rooms.  Sometimes, however, in large kitchens, white can look stark if not paired with carrying colors and textures in other elements of your design.

Another thing to consider is mixing the two.  Try a tuxedo cabinet look with light upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets or a dark kitchen island.  This will help you create a custom look that grounds your space.

For the finishing touch, think about your hardware.  Do you want it to blend in or boldly contrast with the cabinet color you’ve picked.

Cabinet Refinishing In Catawba County

Our team is here every step of the way to help you decide on the perfect cabinet color for your space, and deliver the beautiful results you dream of. 

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