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Have you struggled knowing how to choose between competing cabinet painting companies? For most decisions, trial-and-error is the best way to learn. If you try a burger at one venue and don’t like it, now you know not to go back. It’s not as easy or risk-free when it comes to cabinet painting in Sugar Hill, GA, though.

Cabinet painting has become a widely sought after service that a number of local businesses have capitalized on. There are multiple cabinet painters in Sugar Hill, GA. They all claim to be the best. But how can you know for sure? What qualities, characteristics, and warning signs should you be aware of?

Here are three simple tips.

#1 – Research customer reviews. 

It’s so easy these days to have access to a well of information about a business at your fingertips. Rather than choosing a cabinet painting in Sugar Hill, GA from scratch, look at what their past customers have to say.

The experience of others can be a huge asset to you in your search for the right cabinet painter. Take your time to read through the online reviews. Pay attention to how the customers feel they were treated, and the results they saw in their home.

A few negative reviews isn’t anything to be alarmed over–in fact, this shows that their reviews are genuine, which is a good thing. Select a company with an overall high star rating.

#2 – Get the details on a company’s cabinet painting method.

Make no mistake—not all cabinet painting methods are created equal. Look for a company that’s transparent with their method, as well as the impact it has on the environment. 

It’s important to choose a cabinet painter that uses primer and paint specially formulated for cabinets, curing methods that are guaranteed to leave your cabinets durable and protected, and that their method doesn’t leave toxic fumes in your home. 

#3 – Compare quality and price. 

Not all cabinet painters are created equal. Don’t just go with the cheapest option first without weighing the other factors discussed above. Seek out a cabinet painting company that offers free price estimates, and competitive pricing to help make sure the project can fit within your budget.

Cabinet Painting In Sugar Hill, Georgia 

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