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The days are longer. The weather is beautiful. The birds are chirping. This means one thing: Spring has arrived. Consequently, spring cleaning is on the horizon. Maybe you have a long to-do list or maybe you don’t even have a list. Regardless of your list’s size, there is one must-have on your spring cleaning list: cabinet refacing in Lawrenceville, GA.

Nothing will provide as much value to your home as your cabinet restoration. Here are 3 reasons why:

#1 – Spring Is The Ideal Climate For Cabinet Restoration

Windows are open, people are spending time outdoors, and there is a rejuvenated feeling in the air towards taking on projects. The warmer weather fosters this desire. For significant home improvement projects, now is the time to begin. When it comes to cabinet refacing in Lawrenceville, GA, N-Hance of Suwanee will make the project a breeze. Our process takes just days.

#2 – Take Advantage Of Cabinet Restoration Before Summer

During this slower time of the year, it is a great time to get projects done. Summer is nearing. This means increased travel, outdoor activities, and hosting family, friends, and neighbors. You will want the larger projects done and out of the way. N-Hance of Suwanee will take care of all your cabinet refacing in Lawrenceville, GA needs to help you enjoy more flexibility and be happier this summer.

#3 – Affordable Cabinet Refacing

If you take the time to research all the different kitchen remodeling options, you’ll quickly see just how affordable cabinet refacing in Lawrenceville, GA is. Full-scale replacement of your kitchen cabinets will undoubtedly eat up a significant amount, if not all, of your remodeling budget. With N-Hance of Suwanee, however, you can save lots of money without sacrificing beauty or quality.

Because of the time of the year, you might’ve seen a tax return land in your bank account. You might be wondering what the best use of this extra money could be. In March of 2022, Forbes published an article on the home improvement market during this time of increasing inflation. Here is an excerpt from that article: “Additionally, since prices are so high, focus on completing projects with high ROI, so the money you’re putting into your home, you can hopefully get back. Projects that are almost always worth your money include kitchen remodels, flooring upgrades, and landscaping projects.”

In other words, investing in cabinet refacing is a GREAT use of your money.

Cabinet Refacing In Lawrenceville, GA

When it comes to cabinet restoration in Lawrenceville, there is no better time than now and no better company than N-Hance of Suwanee.

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